John Aleksander Sæter   Telemark, Norway
Dude i just love cars, gaming, music and adrenaline lastly.
There's always something out there to peak my curiosity, and you?
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✨ 20/01/1972 - 08/04/2003
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Lethal Company
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lmaoooooooo FFXIV
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:pcbs_case: Lian Li Dynamic White []
:pcbs_cpu: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x /w PBO All cores <3 []
:pcbs: Corsair H150i RGB Pro []
:pcbs_gpu: ASRock Radeon RX 7900 XTX Phantom Gaming OC - 24GB (3020Mhz & 2650Memory) []
:pcbs_motherboard: MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS []
:pcbs_ram: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 3600MHz 4x8GB 32GB []
:pcbs_psu: Corsair RM1000x []
• M.2_1: WD_BLACK SN850 500GB []
• M.2_2: WD_BLACK SN750 1TB []
• SSD1: Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD []
• SSD2: Kingston A400 960GB SSD []
• SSD3: PNY CS900 1TB []
• Vifter inntak: 6xLL120 RGB 120mm []
• Vifter ut: 3xML120 PRO RGB LED White 120MM PWM []

• VR-headsett: Oculus Quest 2 128GB []
• Base-stasjoner: 2xHTC VIVE Base Station 2.0 []
• Trackers: 3xVive Tracker 3.0 []
• Mus: XTRFY M42 RGB RETRO [] (1600 dpi in fps/wot, 3200dpi on desktop use.)
• Tastatur: Corsair K55 RGB (3x) []
• Headsett: SteelSeries Arctis 5 []
• Skjerm #1: Samsung Oddesy G7 27" 2560x1440p 240hz/1ms VA []
• Skjerm #2: TUF Gaming VG27AQZ 27" 2560x1440p 165z/1ms []
• Skjerm #3: MSI G274F 27" 1920x1080p 180hz/1ms []
• Mikrofon: Svive Hydra []
• Stol: Arozzi Torreta Gaming Chair (Blue) []
• Musematte: Arozzi Arena Mouse Pad []
• Bord: Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk (Red) []
• PC-høyttalere:: Logitech Z623 []
• Webkamera: Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam []
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tf2 players watching fucking half-life ONE of all games getting an update instead of them
80 8 5
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Finally 3x monitors again <3
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1,605 Hours played
Drive cars, crash them and do the slow-motion to really appreciate modern technology and crumple zones.

Or just smash the living ♥♥♥♥ out of them and have fun in this game, enjoyed it since late 2012 and its been 11 years of good enjoyment of a game i just found by chance.. God this game is part of my childhood up over the years.. Thank you.
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brother betrays me - lethal company
Minecraft Poem
We played, we tried
We laughed, we cried
We succeeded, we died
We respawned and thrived
From the zombies, to the endermen
From the skeletons, to the pigmen
From the spiders and creepers
And from those annoying griefers
From the biome of jungle to sands
To the mushrooms and other obscure lands
From the snow and ice
To the swamps which never looked too nice
From the moments with friends we’ll cherish
From a time we hoped Herobrine would perish
From the great animations
To the Youtube sensations
Along with those musical incantations
I thank Mojang for creating my childhood
Much better than just ‘good’
I think I speak for everyone here
When I say this is not game of the year
It’s the game of the century
As it offered us plenty
And these memories will never leave
Just like the thought of first playing as Steve
So I say close your eyes
And listen to the music with surprise
As your memories of Minecraft where once apart
But now can be fixed like a broken heart
In order to find your memories core
You must go back to the world of Minecraft once more
And defeat the Ender Dragon one last time
As the sweet sounds of your childhood begin to chime
One last thing, for me to say
Which would be, have a nice day
Also for you to never forget this game
Nor the journey that came
As apart of that journey was the end
Quite literally, not pretend
Just like this poem, which I hope you all read
As I would love it if this poem and this game is remembered once I’m dead.
- Escaroth

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