Rowan   Morayfield, Queensland, Australia
People accuse me of being arrogant all the time. I'm not arrogant, I'm focused. -Russell Crowe

OldSchool Console Gamer (Dreamcast, N64, PS1/PS2, Xbox,) & Proud member of the PC Gamer Master Race.

Funny Shit Below

minmi96: GABEN
Ze Reel. | Gayben Fatwell.: YUSS
minmi96: GABEN
Ze Reel. | Gayben Fatwell.: YUSSS?
minmi96: GABEN
Ze Reel. | Gayben Fatwell.: YUSSS?
minmi96: relax im just messing around with ya XD
Ze Reel. | Gayben Fatwell.: IKNO
Ze Reel. | Gayben Fatwell.: YU NEET EP3?
Ze Reel. | Gayben Fatwell.: CALL ME FAT
minmi96: fat
Ze Reel. | Gayben Fatwell.: k delayed

(General_Haze_Alpha): chuck norris conulted with god and black mailed him saying he would tell people of earth what happen at the christmas party in 2001
(General_Haze_Alpha): so god gave him 300 extra years
(General_Haze_Alpha): WIN
Festive Luna ︻デ═一: lol
(General_Haze_Alpha): and a face lift
(General_Haze_Alpha): thats impossible chuck norris is the god
(General_Haze_Alpha): D:
(General_Haze_Alpha): yes i know

SHODAN ︻デ═一™: which do you think is better, cs 1.6, cscz, css, or csgo?
Chris ☭: cscz is pretty good
Chris ☭: theyre all great
Chris ☭: 1.6 is really old school and fun
Chris ☭: same with cscz though i like the SP with challenges
Chris ☭: css is good but i dont play it much
Chris ☭: and csgo is a great modernisation of the series they pulled it off so its pretty old school but also has some aspects of current AAA games

Minmi96 ︻デ═一™: remove kebab!
Turkeysub666: From premases
Turkeysub666: They have no place in Holy Serbia

Minmi96 ︻デ═一™: happy easter!
[98th]Pte.Ripa: happy (deathday jesus) you the one
[98th]Pte.Ripa: who came from planet krypton

[98th]Pte.Ripa: Happy Birthday, Jesus! You were the one comin' to Earth From planet Crypton!
Rollin' out tracks and gettin' it on, like the Wrath of Kahn with Ricardo Montobon!
It rain fishes and loaves on the bitches and the hoes, they said they wanted some mo, but he said HELL NO
Yo I got the flow! You ghost-ridin' the whip! You suckin on my- DING DONG!

Counter Logic ︻デ═一™: hey
Counter Logic ︻デ═一™: have you heard of half life 2 survivor?
CECZI: Tell me
Counter Logic ︻デ═一™: dam
Counter Logic ︻デ═一™: its the arcade japanese version of half life 2
CECZI: wtf
Counter Logic ︻デ═一™: someone recently ported it to pc
Counter Logic ︻デ═一™:
CECZI: Looks like some kind of HL2 parody XD
CECZI: idk
Counter Logic ︻デ═一™: yeah japanese games are weird
Counter Logic ︻デ═一™: and freaky
CECZI: Totally

Who ever uses the term UMAD is a stupid sack of siberian sheep shit.

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Hello my name is Rowan, also known on Hundreds of of Various Online Games and Places on the Internet as minmi96 or CyborgParrot, I'm just another Humble Person who likes Video Games, Movies, Cartoons, and Anime-Influenced Cartoons (because with a few exceptions, traditional Anime is trash).

I Also like Modding Games both Old and New, and making Videos.

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Discord: CyborgParrot #7487
XBOX Live: CyborgParrot96
Game Jolt: CyborgParrot
GameRanger: minmi96
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Anyways treat me nicely I will treat you nicely back.
Treat me like dirt and I treat you like dirt back.
Fair and Square.

Please don't let these Rules scare you off, I'm a nice guy mostly, but I'm volatile & can easily get agitated.

My Bark is worse than my Bite.

BTW I have Common Tendancy to change my Username and Avatar, so if you forgot who I am please read through this List of my Past Usernames (No Particular Order), if you ask me who I am without bothering to read this then you're an idiot, no offense.

Seth Gecko
The Gravy/Acid Merchant
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Alix ☣ Kubdel
Rick Sanchez
No. 9
Snake Eyes
Liberated Rick
Jack the Unaging
Black Hat
Officer Killbot
NightmareParrot (Halloween Name)
FestiveParrot (Christmas Name)
Carl the Farmer

Incase you Forget who I am, just Tag me as CyborgParrot or minmi96.

Here's a List of Video Game/Modding Projects I'm working on.
Projects I'm Working On

Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter: Carnivores Realism (A mod thats adds new content and changes some stuff in Carnivores, such as correct Dinosaur size and speed, and gives the Dinosaurs new and more Modern looks, as soon as C:DH comes out for PC I'm porting this over to that ASAP.)
Day of Defeat: Modern Combat Mod.
Doom: Jurassic Park Doom.
Half-Life: Shrek-Life (A mod that replaces every NPC, Weapon, Monster, Misc Props, Players, with Shrek).
Half-Life 2: Dark Escape (A loose adaptation/remake of the Namco Light-gun Game called Dark Escape 4D).
Unreal Tournament 2004: Half-Life Weapon Pack (Adds every Weapon from Half-Life and it's Expansion Pack Opposing Force into Unreal Tournament 2004).
sebbysebbysebysebses Apr 17 @ 5:18pm 
nhentai me fav site dad
15:11 - Romaniaball/Rommel: I know a girl
15:12 - Romaniaball/Rommel: she had like 10 boyfriends
15:12 - ⚜✠🔥Major Pyromancer™🔥🦅✠⚜: lol wtf
15:12 - Romaniaball/Rommel: and I just told her
15:12 - Romaniaball/Rommel: you fucking whore
15:12 - Romaniaball/Rommel: are your parents proud of you?
15:12 - Romaniaball/Rommel: xdd
15:12 - ⚜✠🔥Major Pyromancer™🔥🦅✠⚜: haha indeed these parents dont have proud that one girl who become shit bitch lol
┬┴┤TaKticaL├┬┴ Feb 7 @ 4:52am 
"Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter: Carnivores Realism (A mod thats adds new content and changes some stuff in Carnivores, such as correct Dinosaur size and speed, and gives the Dinosaurs new and more Modern looks, as soon as C:DH comes out for PC I'm porting this over to that ASAP.)" Sounds neat, I bet all modders have the urge to port it to CDH directly :P ( Same here Im dying in pain from all the wait ;-; ) Anyways good luck to your future endavours of Modding and I'll definetly check them out!