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Card Shark is a delightful enlightenment in history of 18th century France and card/board cheating for me. It gives me an utterly novel experience and reminds me of some other indie games that have amazed me like CupHead, Kenshi, RimWorld, ChronoArk, SuperMeatBoy.

1. The oil painting or crayon drawing stick figure art style is enchanting. And though I barely listen to the classical music, I'm obsessed with the piano, harpsichord and fiddle in card shark. They are beautiful masterpieces.
2. The learning curve is smooth. The feedback of gambling is great, and I just hardly say no to any gambling parts of any games I've ever played.
3. Nice scripts. I like this story of political struggle, betrayal and growing up.
4. I was addicted in cards several times in the past, i'm interested in almost all board/card games. I love techniques in this game especially the last few, like tricks in comte's backup and erdnase special, the one that injogs and outjogs synchronously.
5. Stanley Kubrick movies seem attractive, thanks to this game for letting me know about Barry Lyndon.

Cons: I must say, though it's tense and thrilling to execute even simple techniques, the gameplay is a bit repetitive and boring.
1. So-called magic or cheating tricks is just a loop - "you learn some techniques and a trick that puts them in a sequence, and you practice". You must practice subtle fingerings hard rather than some simple QTE(quick time events) for memory or APM(actions per minute) test.
The gameplay is not fascinating enough, maybe there is other choices better than mere qte? It diminishes satisfaction of executing those stuff under pressure.
2. The rule of the card games, the details of the games and hands aren't presented, which is a pity for me.
3. I reckon that there is some overlap among the 28 methods.
4. Bugs. A Chinese display bug. Another one was encountered after explaining the suits and JQKA early in chapter 1 - I was stuck on the overlooking table scene.
5. Rehearsal can't be skipped, sometimes clicks by mistake are annoying. And maybe the tutorial could be simpler or optional. It's more enjoyable to reason out some steps of those techniques intuitively.

This is the first game that I've ever completed through entirely in English, except for online ones like LOL or those I didn't complete like Caves of Qud. I'm convinced that only play game in its original language can get the original flavor after this experience, and I'll play all those whose original language is English in English thenceforth, thanks to card shark.
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The story of SOMA is about some interesting topics, someday in the future human will eventually be able to copy brain as neurograph and plant it in somebody else or machine. Then what is my self? And what is human and what's not?
I reckon my self is not my body but my consciousness or my soul, Sarang figured our conscious mind is not the pattern of our brain, but a continuous emergent entity based on that pattern, a continuous flow of thought and perception keeps an unbroken chain of continuity that we know as our self.
Furthermore, walking corpse, artificial intelligence like more intelligent than WAU, computer with a cortex chip containing someone's brain scan like Catherine, which can be called human? Or neither?

Story's not the only reason I love this game, there's also epic horrific atmosphere and great xeno-fauna and deep-sea graphics.
My favorite horror game so far.
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