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Imafluffycat 30. bře. v 10.05 
i was wondering if you could send me a copy of the old gmod wiki archive
Mally Saase no sojund 8. zář. 2023 v 22.48 
Keep hosting that wiki. We have good things planned for Gmod 9.
regunkyle 27. dub. 2023 v 9.19 
your gmod backup wiki is useful for people who have gmod 12 SSR
regunkyle 27. dub. 2023 v 9.17 
Duspende 12. bře. 2023 v 20.57 
Hey, Maurits. Sorry to write a comment. I get the "It looks like you've sent too many friend invites. To prevent spam, you'll have to wait before you can invite more friends. Please note that other players can still add you during this time."

Every time I try to add somebody. Not sure why. I have some questions about your website and this is why I am trying to add you as friend, but can't. Hope you are well. Please get back to me. I subscribe to your comment thread,
Sys32 18. pro. 2022 v 1.46 
Mr. Steal yo' girl