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Steam Replay 2022
Replay 2022
About me
First name: Sebastian
Age: 35
Work: Bicycle Mechatronics Engineer
Nickname in games and social / gaming platforms: marsHm311oW []
No drinking since (after 10 years): 26th January 2015
No smoking since (after 15 years): 30th November 2015
Others: unvaccinated and never infected with Covid-19

Favorite movies:
- Now You See Me (1 + 2) / Suck Me Shakespeer (Trilogy)

Favorite series:
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine / The Blacklist / S.W.A.T. / Community

Favorite actor:
- Kevin James / Adam Sandler / Gerard Butler / Mark Wahlberg / Jackie Chan / Elyas M'Barek

Current favorite songs:
- BiSH / stereo future (God Eater 3 Opening)
- FLOW - Burn (Tales of Berseria Opening)
- ICHIBAN WA ME (Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Opening)
- S3RL - You Are Mine

Best Games Ever:
- Tales of Berseria
- Final Fantasy XV
- Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
- Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
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430 Hours played
The game is not really user friendly.

- good soundtrack
- few good looking waifus
- main quests and a few side quests are with fully VO. (even the main hero talks ^^)
- a lot to explore

- few skills blocking ally skills (if someone using Meryls ice wall, everybody who is outside the wall cannot do dmg)
- bad UI (you need to click on so many windows to finally find what you are looking for)
- bad chat (just 50 letters limit)
- no emotes
- pretty much no hints (in most options you dont even know what they do)
- level cap (On the newer servers the level limit increases just every few days. Until 40 it was 2 levels every day. Now its was 2 days, then 3 day, lets hope it will not increase much further.)
- nothing to do (Because you have just around 180 vitality per day you can run 2 dungeons and then go offline. You cannot farm anything to make you stronger, cuz everything is bound to the vitality or just the daily / weekly tasks.)

The game makes fun but pretty much everything in the game needs a rework.

EDIT: Stopped playing the game cuz the gates for the building mode, leveling, raids, gatcha, dungeons, pvp, and whatever else killed my desire to play the game even further. As I told before, cuz there is no real content you wait for the monday reset, do everything in one day and then go afk and wating 7+ days until the next reset. This is not a MMORPG for me. Any idle game consume more time than this here :( Ciao.
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Booby milk is the only true milk.
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Berlin vor ein paar Jahren (kein Photoshop)
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I Vermute mal der der das eine Spiel genommen hat kam vom nen DC in dem Ich auf das Giveaway aufmerksam gemacht hab.
marsHm311oW Mar 7 @ 10:32am 
I mean, thats a cute girl, isnt it? :)
marsHm311oW Mar 7 @ 10:31am 
Watching anime is not allowed with 35?
Intensely Tyler Mar 7 @ 9:10am 
youre 35 and have a anime girl profile? thats weird af
marsHm311oW Nov 11, 2022 @ 8:55pm 
Keine Ahnung. Erhielte die Benachrichtigung, fand aber keine Nachricht. Hat wohl vorher sein Kommentar gelöscht. :(
Nik Sep 21, 2022 @ 3:38am 
When are you going to beat the anime adiction