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3 hours in and i've roughly gotten to the start of the 4th main level, and while it is a good game, i feel a lot of it has been changed for worse.

- New movement combat options definitley improve gameplay! every new addition to the loop was a blast to gain in my arsenal.
- Scenery is nice!
- Dialogue, cutscenes and story are very good for what they are!
- Gameplay is fluid just like the last titles.
- Some minigames are added to the loop! some are pretty enjoyable!

- Collectibles are kind of pointless in this game
- Game is MUCH more linear, partially because of last point and just the design overall.
- Some enemies and tasks/minigames are just mundane to be mundane. (button mashing, hit and wait for a few seconds then hit again) some can also be very simple (such as the final fight of the karate zone.)
- levels do not feel very engaging. it's just go from one point, do a thing, do another, get to the end.
- there can be a few dissapointments here and there. main standout is in the first level in the cave where a boss should be but isn't.

effort was DEFINITLEY put into this title, they were the same devs who fixed up BFBB. however i do feel they chained themselves to the game and didnt improve the game enough. definitley is modernized, and it's not a bad game. however i would not say this game is worth 40$, maybe 20 at most. i do not believe we should hold it being a kids game as an excuse. BFBB was a good game for all. cosmic shake, i believe was crafted in a direction that does not suit the game well enough.

Critics can be critics, but this didn't wow me. I can see where it is good but i can also see where they flunked out.

so! 5th level and onwards (except the final boss like holy cow did that suck) the game takes a huge improvement! i wouldn't say it changes my opinion on how much this game is worth but it does show me what COULD'VE been. i also wish there could've been more bonus/challenge content to help improve the mediocre levels and round out the experience for players who want a bit more.
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