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I won't add you if we don't have any common friends and I don't know you. :winter2019angryyul:
Contact info: https://ileamare.ru/
My dota content: https://spectral.gg/
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got the last match as support spectre, already lost FIVE divisions on dotabuff since making this screenshot and dropped from 29 to 93rd :(
Some useless information below
:terminal: Currently PuckChamp analyst (2021 - now), ex Winstrike analyst (2018 - 2021)
:terminal: Homepage: https://ileamare.ru/
:terminal: Homepage, but dota: https://spectral.gg/
:terminal: Nerds Hero Builds Project: https://leamare.github.io/nerds-builds/


:terminal: Dota stuff
- 6.8k peak mmr
- 29th Spectre on Dotabuff (July 2020)
- 88th Enchantress on Dotabuff (July 2020)

- 52nd Spectre on Dotabuff (Nov 2019)
- 96th Enchantress on Dotabuff (Nov 2019)

- 58th Enchantress on Dotabuff (jan 2019)
- 50th Dark Willow on Dotabuff (february 2018)
- 83rd Arc Warden on Dotabuff (may 2017)
- 98th Spectre on Dotabuff (august 2018)
- 78th Visage (nov 2018)
- 47th Dark Willow on Dotabuff, 8th on DotaMax (november 2017)
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