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I used Jera one more time and the treasure chest vanished >.<
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This guide will give a basic overview of the gameplay in Noir Syndrome as well as information on earning all the in-game badges.
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The Norwood Suite is a bizarre surreal journey around the Hotel Norwood, an area filled with some strange characters, stranger architecture and some very cool music. The music is easily the highlight of the game and the world is filled with sound, almost everything gives out some kind of sound or beat, from the obvious like radios to the conversations NPCs have with one another.

Gameplay wise you could call it a walking simulator, you basically go around the hotel looking for items and then find the right person to give them to in order to advance. It's pretty basic but there' s a lot of charm to the NPC dialogue that helps keep things interesting.
The world is full of weird and wonderful things to admire and paw at, almost every drawer or cabinet has something to see, not to mention the hotel itself which can vary wildly from room to room.

I finished the whole thing in about 2 and a half hours and that's probably a good length for it.
The conversation system is a little weak, there's a lot of NPC dialogue but it's all presented in text boxes and having to wait for them to move on can drag a little, or when "talking" to them having to click the mouse to further each line.
I'd say that was the only downside really, for the most part it's charming, weird, wonderful and unlike anything I've played before.
Just wish I could do something about this tendonitis...

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