Kristofer   Norway
Welcome to my profile!
I mostly play team fortress 2 where I either play casual or mvm

I am not a trader and wont be trading my stuff
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Ahuman Feb 4 @ 2:36pm 
+rep guy who deleted badge and recycles tickets. Extremely good demo, carried in damage and didn't use a single crit canteen.
Kristofer Jan 10 @ 10:50pm 
:D Well deserved for good medic gameplay!
Crow Jan 10 @ 10:30pm 
I got an aussie medigun right after you left. ty for carry ily
Kristofer Dec 17, 2020 @ 4:53pm 
Lol, I spent like 5 min in total spectating the guy, he wasnt cheating and if you are that sad that you need to give ME minus rep because of your delusion then you need to seek help Seni
Seni Dec 17, 2020 @ 4:51pm 
-Rep idiot kid only
Kristofer Oct 20, 2020 @ 7:28am 
I'm not looking for trade or comp game if that was what you wanted