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Life is Strange: True Colors, as its predecessors, has a beautifully written story which lines up with the story style of previous Life is Strange games.

A beautiful, complex construct, influenced by your decisions, as in previous parts "your actions have consequences" :)

The "superpower" which has been a core concept of the series is beautifully worked out aswell, I was a bit sceptic after I saw the teasers, but playing the game made me realize what a great concept it is and how well it works out for this story line. It gets you engaged in the characters personal relationships and feelings even deeper than any other life is strange part has managed to do. I personally like it more than the one from LIS:2, but max's just was something else and I cant see any future "superpower" ever reaching up to it.

This game can definitly reach the high bar the first Life is Strange has put up and in my opinion also beats Deck Nines first submission to the life is strange franchise "Before the Storm", making in the (in my personal opinion) 2nd best game in the Life is Strange universe.

Only thing thats puts me off is the high price, paying 60€ for a story game with a story that, even while exploring every possible side event I stumbled across, took me 7.5 hours just doesnt feel right, exspecially considering that I paid 25€ for the first Life is Strange, which took me ~10 Hours to beat on my first playthrough.

Overall i'd still definitly recommend playing this game, just maybe wait for a sale :)

Minor spoilers that wont reveal the main story line, but my thoughts on of the characters
Antagonists (spoiler for original life is strange aswell)
the character depth of the anatgonists in this game is just incredible. It is easy to feel into them, relate to them and actually like them. While the other Life is Strange games had made it easy to hate the antagonists: psycopaths, a pedophile, racists, ... this one didnt have to. good job!

steph (this may also be considered a major spoiler, dont look at it b4 playing :))
I felt like steph is what chloe from the original Life is Strange could've been if it hadn't been for all the horrible stuff happening to her while growing up. Every time she was in a Scene I just had to think about chloe and max, which in addition to all the LIS easter eggs in the Vinyl store like the firewalk posters just makes a great and loveable character
actual spoiler for LIS and LIS:TC (related to character relationships)
which is why I got my 2nd time of main protagonists kissing, but this time it wasnt a goodbye kiss it was a kiss to start a future together and on the road :)

the forshadowing of jed playing the king, turned evil in the LARP, was one of the best pieces of foreshadowing ive ever seen in any movie, game or series. the moment I heard him unlock that gun on top of the mountain it was so obvious and perfectly set into the scene, GOOD ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ JOB DECK NINE, I cant think of any other game studio beeing a worthier sucessor to Dontnod when it comes to developing the next life is strange games :)
you made me cry twice, you can do it a third time tho this time it wasnt at the end, but rather during the end of basically any other episode, as it actually was kind of a happy end
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