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We will not acknowledge a friend request unless we know you outside Steam. If you know us personally and we are ignoring you, shoot us a DM on Discord or something.
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plural queer trash pile, professional shut-ins, ambiguously active YouTubers, non-native inhabitants of this body

generally either trying to write stuff down or else floating around here playing the video games which we happen to like.

We do not accept friend requests from randos who happen to play the same games, if you know us on Discord, or we have a mutual friend(s), and we recognize you, we will accept; otherwise, no. If you know us and we have not accepted your friend request, feel free to prod us on Discord or wherever.

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Sisterly Bliss ~Don't Let Mom Find Out~
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I can't tell y'all how much I needed this game that lets me vicariously live out my fantasies of murdering my parents and stealing all their ♥♥♥♥
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Lost Judgment's Lost Plot | joyce-stick
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u r youtuber!
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epic joyce moment