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The Sojourner Jul 14 @ 10:36am 
Yeah I've been changing...
josepezdj Jul 14 @ 2:23am 
Oh man!!! it's you! hehe, p0rtalmaster! nice! :D
josepezdj Jul 14 @ 2:22am 
@The Sojourner: wow man, I was wondering who was the one who gave me those awards! THANK YOU SO MUCH, not sure if I really deserve those, but if your intention was to encourage me, it worked quite well! :D Thanks a lot for even thinking of giving such an award to anyone; I really felt "someone" for a time. Big thanks, man. And of course I'll count on you for beta-testing whatever I need to! Despite not having touched P2 or the tools for years, I'm back with some free time to spend on mapping and modelling ;) and I posted a few screenshots on me profile that I don't know if you already checked... it's the first part of The Enceladus Initiative, The Temple.
More to come soon!
The Sojourner Jul 14 @ 12:48am 
I gave you a couple of awards on both of your Oxygen maps to encourage this endeavor of yours. I'm still looking forward to The Enceladus Initiative, despite not having touched Portal 2 or its mapping tools for years (and y'know, if you ever need a playtester for beta...).
josepezdj May 15 @ 12:18pm 
@Octahedron: Thanks for the cheer up! :)
Octahedron May 14 @ 9:59am 
Holly hazelnuts your actually modding again? That's awesome! Looking forward to whats to come