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I messed up the conga line and King Conga killed me. A++.

Seriously, though, I'm an old-school roguelikes-should-be-hardcore-only player but with a rhythm game, there's little time for planning strategy and thinking through your moves, so it's very important that you be familiar with the songs before you go through hardcore more seriously, or you'll get messed up very quickly in the later levels. The game solves this by dividing the levels up into zones of 3 levels + 1 boss each; you can start any zone from scratch once you've completed the previous, and the unlock system also includes the bosses so you can practice their songs as well.

But it's incredibly easy to just hit "retry" after dying on hardcore. If I'm not careful several hours go by this way...
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Now try SPACECHEM I/O! Design and program a device to assist a SpaceChem facility in fusing pair of atoms together to create Silver and Gold!

Be careful, though, you're controlling several servos at once: Take care not to drop waste atoms into the gold
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