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I don't accept random invites. If you believe yourself to be exempt, leave a comment before adding me.

Spam comments on my workshop items will not be tolerated and will result in a block.

I'm a software engineer, not an artist. All my mods are model ports from other formats (typically MMD). This is typically done with various scripts I've created to preserve as much of the original model's functionality during the port. The orginal modeler is always named in the credits section of my mods so please don't forget to check them out if you love the models.

I will do paid commissions of model ports for Garry's Mod and L4D2.
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I don't do random requests. I will do paid commissions of model ports for Garry's Mod and L4D2. Base price for a playermodel is 30USD.

-I don't do from scratch models I do ports from other games or MMD
-If you like the like models please check the model credits to see the other works from the model authors!

-I currently have 2 commissions enqueued
-Graduate school madness continues so progress will be slow.
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Collection of all the RWBY models I've ported to L4D2
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Created by - JazzMcNade
FlaminAngel0019 [Medic] Oct 20 @ 12:13am 
May you teach me how to do first person arms?
FlaminAngel0019 [Medic] Oct 17 @ 12:15pm 
JazzMcNade may you help me make firstperson arms for the survivors i made?
Yamato Oct 13 @ 9:43am 
you should make a PM for Akagi (kancolle). and if you need a link to a 3d model, sorry i cant find one.
Copper Aug 28 @ 4:44pm 
Or... do you have an discord server that I can contact you instead?
Copper Aug 28 @ 4:43pm 
Hey there, just a little question. Can I add you so I can talk about an issue with two of your existing addons (Blake and Pyrrha replacements for Bill), thanks.
mis Aug 26 @ 8:41pm 
You do really good ports! Keep up the good work!