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Jumps is a first-person platforming game with a polygonal art style and rocking music.

TL;DR at bottom

When first viewing the trailer for this game, I was instantly reminded of ClusterTruck. It has similar art style and gameplay mechanics. Now, after playing the game for about 45 minutes, it does have gameplay and physics similar to ClusterTruck, but without the trucks.

The menu is pretty simplistic, with a few graphical options and audio sliders, as well as mouse sensitivity.

There are 6 worlds, each containing 10 unique levels, bringing the total to 60 levels. I finished Level 10 of World 2 before finishing my play session. Each level I played presented varying levels of challenge and diversity. Some levels were quite enjoyable, as they took advantage of the physics very well, like sliding down a hill then using your momentum to fly off a ramp.

The main feature of the game is arrow pickups, which grant you a single jump. You must use these jumps to strategically traverse the floating islands and other objects to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Now, there was one other power-up that I did encounter, a speed boost, which increased my running speed and momentum by a substantial amount, and was lots of fun to fly around the level very quickly. I am unsure if there are any other power-ups that can be found in later levels, but I would assume that there are.

In addition to the jump pickups, there are also different types of jump pads. I encountered a red jump pad, which simply mimics the effect of the player's jumps, and a trampoline that had a smaller jump. The trampolines were hard to use, and the jump heights were inconsistent. One level in the Snow world involved bouncing on multiple trampolines that lead to a slanted trampoline with which you must bounce on and turn around to reach a land mass. I had extreme difficulty trying to bounce off of this trampoline properly and it took me about 10 minutes to finally complete the level. I am not sure if there is an issue with simply landing in the wrong spot, but it was very annoying.

The game features a soundtrack that is always playing in the background while traversing the levels, and is muffled on the menu. The music is fun to listen to and adds to the epicness of the gameplay.

Jumps has a very interesting concept and it is executed well. There are lots of levels and is pretty easy to get into. At the time of writing this review, there is no price tag as the game is unreleased. Based on what I have played so far, I would probably buy this game for about $4.99 USD. My only concern is there not being any replayability value to the game once completed, but if there are leaderboards for the times players have completed each level in, it could allow for some fun competition with other users.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this game to fans of ClusterTruck and platforming games.


+Nice, polygonal art style
+Good use of physics
+Variety of powerups and objects
+Interesting level designs
+Rockin' music
-Difficult to use trampolines
-May get stuck on a world if you can't beat the required time

Game has been provided by developer, review has been written without bias.
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