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Figment is a musical adventure through the mind and its struggles to stay motivated and be courageous.

TL;DR at bottom


Figment is a puzzle game at its core, with some combat scattered throughout the game. Puzzles include collecting items, solving a pattern, or moving blocks to help you traverse the level, among other things. The puzzles are usually pretty fun, although some of the later ones with the enigma boxes were pretty agonizing to solve, and possibly repeat multiple times if you died. Other than that, the puzzle aspect was welcome and I enjoyed it greatly.

Alongside the puzzle element, there is combat. You fight using your sword, and you can dodge roll to avoid attacks (or get around faster). There is a decent variety of enemies, each one pertaining to the theme of the level you are in. They must be defeated using different strategies, making them unique just by the way you approach them.

The gameplay isn't the most defining feature of Figment, but it works fantastically. I never had any issue with movement and the puzzles were fun to complete, albeit somewhat tedious at times. The boss battles were fun to experience as well, and every one had their own mechanics that forced you to change your style slightly and analyze their patterns so you can defeat them. Outside of navigating the environments, fighting enemies, and completing puzzles, there is not much else to say about the gameplay.



Figment looks awesome. The art has a hand-painted feel to it, and every texture looks crisp and fitting to the environments they are in. The biggest thing that struck me with this game was the creativity of the level design. You play as a character inside someone's mind, travelling between the different parts of the brain. Each portion of the map pertaining to the part of the brain (left brain, logic; right brain, creativity) and the environments are designed according to the functions of that part of the brain. The creative side features musical instruments that make up the environment, like trombone trees. The logical side of the brain is designed around gears, cogs, and other machine parts. There is lots of steam and mechanical doo-hickeys about the area, clearly and effectively conveying the theme of the area. All the parts of the brain in the game are so creatively and beautifully designed, and I loved looking at it and noticing all the different details that the designers laid about the levels.



The biggest surprise I got with this game was the musical aspect to it. I thought this was a simple puzzle-adventure game, but this is a full blown musical. Every boss sings different songs, pertaining to the situation and also their personality. Music is always around you, with the environment either creating the music or directly interacting with it. The first time I noticed that the environment interacted with the music was when I noticed some boulders falling and hitting the ground in beat with the music, which was awesome to see. Every song fits the characters perfectly, and the background music sets a tone for the different levels that is fitting for them. I loved all of the music in this game, and it was a fantastic experience for my ears.

The sound design is wonderful as well. The voice actors are quite good, there's not much else I can say besides that. As for the sounds, they are crisp and clear. Each environment has numerous different sounds that are either passively being played or triggered by an interaction from the player (music notes, etc). Every level felt alive and thematic the whole way through. The sound designers did a fantastic job with Figment.



Figment is a fantastic puzzle game with a tragic yet compelling story that keeps you interested all the way through. The songs are catchy and interesting, and the music is wonderful, and its interaction with the environment is awesome to behold. The art is beautifully drawn, and every environment is creatively themed and designed, keeping you interested as you play. Figment was the first game I ever played all the way through as a series on my channel, and I am infinitely happy that I had chosen this game. I highly recommend playing this game and experiencing all it has to offer.

Overall: 9.75/10 - Recommended


+Fun puzzles
+Extremely creative level design
+Amazing music
+Compelling story

-Some tedious/annoying puzzles

Check out my gameplay of Nightmare Simulator below to get a better idea of the game.

Game has been provided by the developer, review has been written without bias.
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