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I'm but a projection of the soul, a conjecture of the mind, a reflection of the heart.

I make worlds with words and lines.

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The Charnel House Trilogy is a collection of three short surreal point & click games set (mostly) inside a train.

What I liked.
  • Music. It blended perfectly with what the game showed you, making the dialogue sequences pass by without dragging.
  • Story. It seemed simple and straightforward at the start, but, it kept getting darker and surreal, I wouldn't call it horror, since there's not a lot to be scared off, but, rather, uncanny.
  • Content. I like how the stories are connected, and how varied they are, despite sharing a common goal and setting.

What I disliked.
  • Graphics. They use a rather weird ratio and even when playing in their original form, they seem a little too pix-elated.
  • Music. Not a fan of the voice acting, specially Jim's voice, I have nothing against him, but, his voice is so indistinguishable, that I was just laughing when I heard it, and I'm pretty sure, that wasn't the intention.
  • Content. The game is set up as a prologue to something more, however, it's been 3 years and the developers are death silent, I fear this story might never get finished.

To conclude, The Charnel House Trilogy is an interesting point & click with some flaws, but, a great setting and story, the characters might seem like simple stereotypes at first, but, they become genuine as you advance and know them more, I just hope it gets a proper sequel (or ending) in the future, but even then, it's at least, worth a try.

★★★★☆ | Liked it

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