Steve Harrington   Ireland
The Fox of Mann vs Machine
If you add me: Leave a comment on why so I might add you back.
Don't friend me because you want my stuff. Just stop it.

Feel free to invite me to some MvM :demoticon:

I may friend you if I feel you're a good buddy for Mann vs. Machine.

When it comes to MvM, I am a utility player but usually prefer scout if given the option.

Favorite class overall: Medic

Tour Loot

Gear Grinder Aussie counter:
Tour 21: Tomislav
Tour 61: Axtinguisher
Tour 135: Grenade Launcher (sold)
Tour 138: Minigun (sold)
Tour 145: Frontier Justice (sold)
Tour 169: Sniper Rifle (sold)
Tour 267: Knife (sold)
Tour 329: Sniper Rife (sold)
Tour 434: Black Box
Tour 441: Frontier Justice (sold)
Tour 463: Frontier Justice (sold)
Tour 498: Eyelander
Tour 528: Tomislav (sold)
Tour 538: Black Box (sold)
Tour 584: Frontier Justice (Gifted)
Tour 596: Ambassador (sold)
Tour 608: Force-A-Nature (sold)
Tour 632: Force-A-Nature (sold)
Tour 659: Stickybomb Launcher (sold)
Tour 665: Flame Thrower (sold)
Tour 763: Rocket Launcher (sold)

Mecha Aussie counter:
Tour 4: Frontier Justice
Tour 8: Grenade Launcher (sold)
Tour 33: Ambassador (sold)
Tour 35: Stickybomb Launcher (sold)

2c Aussie Counter:
Tour 8: Minigun (sold)
Tour 20: Axtinguisher (sold)
Tour 26: Ambassador

Aussie Checklist

I guess I'm an Aussie collector now.
So far: 18
Left to get: 2

Rocket Launcher
Black Box
Flame Thrower
Grenade Launcher
Stickybomb Launcher
Frontier Justice
Medi Gun
Sniper Rifle
Golden Frying Pan
Currently In-Game
Deceive Inc.
A Duel With a Stranger
I had a duel with another sniper.
We relentlessly shot at each other.
At the same time, we had a pleasant conversation about TF2 and what we enjoyed about it.
It was then that I wondered, why don't more people just get along?

:yinyangpurple: We're all playing the same game, so why not bond over it? :yinyangpurple:

Best Quotes
Juniper Autumn : Philofoxical

Fission Power : Oh, there is Hawg friend suddenly

Stuperfox : if there is a hole theres a goal

M'tallica (QC) : that scout is on point
M'tallica (QC) : i love it

boka [m,GER] : pyro, you're an excellent chaser of sentry busters
Lazy Mike : it'll take the whole wave for him to process that
BononoBay : i have the phog no now so you have to
deai with sentry buster

A Cute Seaturtle : Dos't thou even partake in the anaerobic excercise
that is hoisting weighted materials, bretheren?

Stuperfox : looks like someone zapped her hawg

[IGT] SoLe : I prefer sexually challenged

ItalianFire : dear bongo god, may you lay your presence upon me?

*DEAD* EpicPug45 : nice flick
*DEAD* EpicPug45 : that was really good I respect that

Hawgzapper : sorry, body shot
*DEAD* Jaime ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Lannister : ahh, you still hit me

Th Lemming : what did we say about using binds when not a full party?
Th Lemming : you'll scare the rando

Mollusk : I've been shot by a kangaroo
Hawgzapper : I'm a kangaroo with a lazer pointer
Beard : kangaroo down

Hawgzapper : oh well that's something I like to call stupidity

Voodoo : w7 and still no dmg upgrades
Fnaf-Animator-46 : cause i don't need damage

BiggerousRiggerous : pryo, more killing, less blowjobs

Admiral Bonnie : you let the money burn
BiggerousRiggerous : we had a perfect round...
Admiral Bonnie : your a bad scout

BiggerousRiggerous : horrible scout man
BiggerousRiggerous : the way you collected all the cash
BiggerousRiggerous : wtf were you thinking

Kristofer : in mother russia credits collect you

FFXIII-2 : if not so, WHY IS IT IN THE CLOSET?!?

JAke : selling my human rights for 2 refined

Beezor : ᵂʰᵃᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ᵈᶦᵈ ʸᵒᵘ ʲᵘˢᵗ ˢᵃʸ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ

*DEAD* Gobuta : Lowkey that airblast was out of fear

JAke : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndo8BDwfNrU

TEG : Cover yourself in ♥♥♥♥ and no one will attack you

CallMeKyzio : I want a game moed where its a bunch of anger snipers with awps and a F2P
sniper and see who wins and trash talks the most
CallMeKyzio : ♥♥♥♥
*DEAD* rinzler : random crits are pure skill in physicial form

A Bunny Scout #pridemonth : medic-sama
Ass Cancer : ,':)
PoobaStank : m-medic...kun...

CallMeKyzio : iM PISSED
PoobaStank : id date heavy
CallMeKyzio : Dude
CallMeKyzio : Id ♥♥♥♥ heavy

Ass Cancer : OH IT YOU
CallMeKyzio : This is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ cursed

зуд в жопе : My cat just screamed
Hawgzapper : it was a cry for help
LemonyWhale : yes
tuna mongeau : im your cat
Hawgzapper : me too
LemonyWhale : oh my god

tuna mongeau : wtf are you doing
Hawgzapper : my best

It's Rewind Time : Hawgzapper : DildanoVibrato Ⓢ : Hawgzapper : tickster : Ṡ̷́͗̂̿ad̵̈̎̄i̵st̷� : f4
you fat ♥♥♥♥

(TEAM) Hawgzapper : is competative 2fort an oxymoron?

Hawgzapper : 360 noscope my ass

<> : stop cheating with 3 heavies
<> : wheres the medic and solly to make this hard?
Hawgzapper : lol
DildanoVibrato Ⓢ : we kicked them

Stuperfox : i will give you 2 zaps and 1 hawg for that loaf of bread
Hawgzapper : it's a deal

Stuperfox : Bend over and prepare your hawg for a zapping

Stuperfox : If you are going to dominate me, at least pull my leash

Sasuke Uchiha : Alright guys last round
Sasuke Uchiha : Been a pleasure and thank you for teaching me :3
(Voice) Sasuke Uchiha: Go! Go! Go!
Hawgzapper : no problem, thanks for playing well
Sasuke Uchiha : ^^

Hawgzapper : do NOT buy in
SilnyMaciej has bought back into the game for '25' credits!

[B.-K.] Smacking Snacks : *click* noice

Fission Power : burn in hell for that, scout
Hawgzapper : I already am
Fission Power : no, wait
Fission Power : we already on expert

Th Lemming : the dispenser has range you don't need to have it in your ass

Freakin' Magic: Hawg, whenever I see your profile pic, I'm thinking of melee fox noises

Potato : rule number one of sniper you're suppose to pea in a bottle not on everyone
Hawgzapper : whoops

tim_toole : im taking a bath
tim_toole : with my toaster

MVM_Random_Player_1 : I crave chocolate
tim_toole : Well let me just pull my pants down
MVM_Random_Player_1 : Must have... chocolate goodness

Mashiro l Mecha Only : it great playing with a scout who actually throws the mad milk at

Hawgzapper : you know you're in a good team when your spy misses more money than
America's national debt
[TSC][Rasta : theres nothing more criminal to hawg than loosing money

Hawgzapper : If hell had a soundtrack it'd be the Banjo-Kazzooie OST

Captain Gestalt : foxes are gross
Hawgzapper : D:
Captain Gestalt : always raiding my bins
Hawgzapper : I mean you right, but still
Obama Administration : i'd raid hawgzapper's bin, if she'd let me

Stuperfox : Bend over and I will show you
Hawgzapper has renamed their Flame Thrower to Hawg Wrangling Device

Th Lemming : if the tf2 mercs (in the comics) have more money then they know what to do with? why don't they just bail merasmus out of debt
Hawgzapper : oh ♥♥♥♥

*DEAD* Chryx : ♥♥♥♥
*DEAD* The Elfish Boot : you rang?

that was kind of retarded : is that a gamer girl
that was kind of retarded : seaturtle and haw are the same person i swear
A Cute Seaturtle : octopus
A Cute Seaturtle : the seaturtle name is a ruse
A Cute Seaturtle : Hawg and I are just an octopus

okay boomer : ♥♥♥♥ was going good until that Hawgzapper sniper joined
*DEAD* okay boomer : then he wrecked my ♥♥♥♥
Hawgzapper : you're welcome

*DEAD* Liquid Teeth : man with gun
Hawgzapper : that really narrows it down
Liquid Teeth : human being who possesses a ranged weapon

Hawgzapper has received a gift: Mad Milk
Hawgzapper : I'm lactos intolerant

Thaumius : press f4 to get ripped off by valve!

Th Lemming : stop playing with your food and just eat it pyro

Hawgzapper : you guys readied up too fast last time, I spilled Icecream on the printer

sage : succ me

A Cute Seaturtle : very rude, much inconsiderate, wow

Lightyena - Clickers Anónimos : engi, you can stop play like you are on 2fort?

IGG : blyatiful

[CZ] Colonel Clanny : Be careful, I know jarate, judo and 10 other dangerous words

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