Fritz The Smol Mouse
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Come you animals and together feel the rage
We will never stop till we tear apart the cage
And we fight till the day of freedom for the animals
Our teeth, they are bared, so humans be prepared
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A Smol Mouses Journey for Cheese
Hey! Lately, I've been in the middle of the fight against the super animal world, fighting alongside fellow rebels, though if I'm not doing that, I'm most likely lending a hand against the waves of robots marching in MvM. I've been doing this for some time, and have gotten used to giving tips whenever I can, or even just taking time to goof off if I feel confident enough. I'm here to obtain the cheese as everyone else is though, and like my stash, so the rest of this will be how much cheese this mouse has accumulated over my time busting open some robots:

(MvM Tour Stats:
Gear Grinders: 555
Two Cities: 119
Mecha Engine: 15)
Force-A-Natures- :cheez::cheez::cheez::cheez::cheez:
Axtinguishers- :cheez: :cheez:
Miniguns- :cheez: :cheez:
Sticky Launcher- :cheez::cheez:
Rocket Launcher- :cheez::cheez::cheez:
SMG- :cheez:
Black Box- :cheez:
Sniper Rifle- :cheez:
Flamethrower- :cheez:
Grenade Launcher- :cheez:
Blutsauger- :cheez::cheez::cheez:
A Smol Mouses Large Horde
Hey, is that a dragons spoils? No, it's but a small mouses! What's such a creature doing with such a pile? Simply enjoying it, that's what! A lot of time had been put into obtaining these, and I'll treasure that time put into it. That being said, understand that because I treasure them, I don't want that being invalidated by trading. Just about all of my items are obtained by myself, and I'd like to keep it that way.
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Mistake of Nature Apr 19 @ 1:19pm 
is good
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Cheesed to meet you
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cute sar art! love your oc
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Happy New Year! <3
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gear grinder funny moments #12
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smol mouse