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This game is HUGE. More than 150 travel posts, 4 huge areas to explore make sure you easily invest 100+ hours in a single playthrough of this game. Witcher 3 is more than just a game. It's been an experience and a journey. Can't thank CDPR enough for this masterpiece. Main story along with side quests is filled with twists and turns. Bloody Baron, Possession were some of my favorite side quests in the game. Soundtrack has done justice to the game. Detailing done on swords is amazing. A lot of focus has been done on dialogues and all the stuff that requires reading in this game. Armor and dresses of characters tells how much effort has been put in detailing and making the characters look more alive..

Having invested more than 150 hours into this game, I'm sure it's the best game I've ever played..

Heart of Stone :

Dialogues in Hearts of Stone are even better than the ones in main story. Specially Vlodimirs and Elgeirds dialogues. The story is as good as the main game and funny at times too. HoS is tougher than the main story as well. "Caretaker" Boss Fight was one of the toughest boss fight in Witcher 3. CDPR absolutely nailed it when it comes to DLC. Worth buying.

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