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edit: byebye 100% positive reviews for this quick-buck-grabbing-scheme

edit(2): looks like the devs have listened to me and put in more stuff, you're all welcome, though its still not enough for a DLC

14.99€ for several plates of gold? (probably not even gold but brass or something knowing this greedy and lazy company)
A DLC should add more monsters and weapons not a skin that doesn't do anything.... -_-

And how about u FINISH THE GAME before adding DLCs (the basegame [which is good unlike this scam] is Early Access btw)

Do NOT buy
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Hey, I think I knew you like, 8 years ago? my name was Gamerman0817. we were in EGG or something? I dont remember it at all lmao, but I wanted to message and see. hope you message back
Saithimand Feb 26 @ 10:20am 
lets do it again
stach Feb 15 @ 8:25pm 
heroes are remembered but legends never die
medved Feb 8 @ 11:38am 
bruh just add me, if u wont like an offer i wont bother u ever again
ziggokill Jan 31 @ 9:41am 
mirabile Jan 23 @ 5:07am 
added to discuss the vintage demoman's fro listing