Cottage Liko
Likorätti   Norrbottens Lan, Sweden
sudai man yra delikatesas
Re-Volt champion 99, 00, 01 & 02
tradermains , leafblowermains keep out!!!!!
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edit: byebye 100% positive reviews for this quick-buck-grabbing-scheme

edit(2): looks like the devs have listened to me and put in more stuff, you're all welcome, though its still not enough for a DLC

14.99€ for several plates of gold? (probably not even gold but brass or something knowing this greedy and lazy company)
A DLC should add more monsters and weapons not a skin that doesn't do anything.... -_-

And how about u FINISH THE GAME before adding DLCs (the basegame [which is good unlike this scam] is Early Access btw)

Do NOT buy
20XX. Sephyr Sep 11 @ 1:19am 
added to discuss trade
Hi, would you be interested in upgrading some items into a Knifestorm Baker Boy? If that doesn't interest you, feel free to check the rest of my backpack out, perhaps you find something that catches your eye. If anything does, please add me or let me know :) Thanks <3
Critch Aug 31 @ 11:31am 
aadding to discuss offer
The Reaper Aug 30 @ 7:16pm 
Added to offer
Firest Aug 30 @ 4:17pm 
hey i have an offer for the
Infernal Wraith Spooky Head-Bouncers
dm me please
Divi Aug 12 @ 10:04am 
Very poilte trader and very patient. Notified me when i added 1 Rec extra he is very trustworthy + Rep