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trader-/leafblowermains keep out!!!!!
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edit: byebye 100% positive reviews for this quick-buck-grabbing-scheme

edit(2): looks like the devs have listened to me and put in more stuff, you're all welcome, though its still not enough for a DLC

14.99€ for several plates of gold? (probably not even gold but brass or something knowing this greedy and lazy company)
A DLC should add more monsters and weapons not a skin that doesn't do anything.... -_-

And how about u FINISH THE GAME before adding DLCs (the basegame [which is good unlike this scam] is Early Access btw)

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Kutaki Oct 19 @ 1:54pm 
Liko Oct 19 @ 1:17pm 
5 shippuden episodes and 2 burger king coupons take it or leave it
Kutaki Oct 19 @ 1:14pm 
Nice inventory. I’d be all too willing to hear an offer on my cone if you’d like.
ponogalyd Oct 18 @ 4:52am 
add me, can you?
✪thiccus dickus Oct 11 @ 2:42am 
Added to discuss about rotation sensation
Added due to your maketplace comment