I'm a woman and my age is closer to milf than teenager. Not that it matters but yeah.
Aspiring Medic.
Generally I search peoples to team up and have fun.
:balloonicorn:*hugs and cuddles* :balloonicorn:
:FlashFreeze: Szanuj Medyka swego, zawsze możesz mieć gorszego.:FlashFreeze:

Currently Online
You found my profile thanks to bp premium? ~ Don't get too excited I ALWAYS check prices so good luck with your sharking :moustachepuss:

:fleetcommander: COMMENT :fleetcommander:if you want add me :manekineko:
If you are too lazy to write comment then I'm too lazy to hit "accept" :CoolCat:

My bday is on 19.07 :rainbowpuss:

:fleetcommander::fleetcommander::fleetcommander:I HAVE IMPERSONATORS! :fleetcommander::fleetcommander::fleetcommander:
THIS IS MY ONLY ACCOUNT!!! I don't have ANY "discussion" accounts nor alt accounts! If anyone try add you from different Steam profile then they are scammers. Please be careful.

Sometimes Steam glitch and don't deliver messages, if I never responded to you, especially if it was something important then most likely I didn't see your message :kitteh:
Best is to just send message again, pls.

When I'm in-game I basically don't read chat AT ALL.
Same for chat in-game, I have it turned on but I rarely read it for real. :') Especially when I play with friends and we are talking on discord, then I just have no idea what's going on in chat, sorry.
If we played together and you want chat with me then just leave comment on my profile and add me :manekineko:
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I love professional killstreak weapons, day when I get my first unusual was when I start treasure unu as well LOL
My first unusual weapon-ish was Leopard war paint (black version) and I crafted whole set at once (on 12.12.2017) with Cardboard crossbow and Cardboard ubersaw, because white/beige tones of skin fits so nice to black medi gun.
Fire Horns is my fav effect.

I kinda collect Holy Mackerel as well :CatCaptain:

"Name of your weapon is song reference?"
Yep! :CoolCat:

:Snofl: unusual medi gun: "Helden" - Apocalyptica (ft. T. Lindemann) https://youtu.be/OWtSygdtj7s
:Snofl: medi gun: "Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums" -
A Perfect Circle https://youtu.be/7ejsM0VF-Os
:Snofl: kritz: "Summertime Sadness" - Lana Del Rey https://youtu.be/TdrL3QxjyVw
:Snofl: quick-fix: "Breña"- A Perfect Circle https://youtu.be/d28ieFrMy4o // "Angel" - Massive Attack https://youtu.be/YqEQxZizzNQ
:Snofl: vacc: "Time Is Running Out" - Muse https://youtu.be/O2IuJPh6h_A (old one: "Mad World" - Gary Jules https://youtu.be/YHjdTZ-myCU )
:Snofl: crossbow: Light of the Seven / Hear me Roar from Game of Thrones https://youtu.be/5pq0xf9PBP0
:Snofl: unusual ubersaw: "Wicked Game" - Chris Isaak https://youtu.be/XF8ScnGKGKM
:Snofl: ubersaw: "The Sound of Silence" - Simon and Garfunkel https://youtu.be/4zLfCnGVeL4
:Snofl: vow: "Ich Tu Dir Weh" - Rammstein https://youtu.be/IxuEtL7gxoM
:vitalylapin: flame thrower: "Knights of Cydonia" - Muse https://youtu.be/GjXWtEqs8I4
:vitalylapin: phlog: "Passive" - A perfect circle https://youtu.be/4kpn3V_Cnhg
:vitalylapin: degreaser: "Heroes walk alone" - Maxthor https://youtu.be/F1kUJHmCSmo
:vitalylapin: backburner: "Eyes on fire" - Blue Foundation https://youtu.be/xlEQnZdlaeE
:vitalylapin: scorch shot: "Hysteria" - Muse https://youtu.be/3dm_5qWWDV8
:vitalylapin: third degree: "The Package" - A Perfect Circle https://youtu.be/AeyAJ1QOpPM
:vitalylapin: powerjack: "Hunting High and Low" - Stratovarius https://youtu.be/yUZPaqPVViI
:LIS_butterfly: scattergun: "Teardrop" - Massive Attack https://youtu.be/u7K72X4eo_s
:LIS_butterfly: Holy Mackerel "The Humbling River" - Puscifer https://youtu.be/4LALfYOMk6c
:spycon: Black Rose: "Jaskółka uwięziona" - Cover. Atanas Valkov&Georgina Tarasiuk https://youtu.be/qdCmSt4798g
unusual whip: "Power Of Love" - Jennifer Rush https://youtu.be/5boRQcTvnwU

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       `i,      .    "   /
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