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1)Story/Concept :
Single Player + Local Co-op
Shoot'Em Up (Shmup)
Bullet Hell

Rangok Skies is a pure vertically scrolling Shoot'Em Up (Shmup), inspired by some classics of this genre.It features a campaign that can be played either solo or in local-coop with a friend.The game starts with a small intro explaining us the story behind the game.

It goes back,during the great Vampire War, when the four nations joined forces to defeat the evil Lord Rangok.Wizards from all nations forged a powerful Spear that could bring an end to all this chaos Lord Rangok has caused.That's how the dark lord has been defeated back then.The weapon of victory was divided between the four nations as a symbol of alliance and and the four nations could live in peace....

...Until the present day!A mysterious message stating that anybody who would bring the Spear ,would receive power beyond imagination,rouse the four nations and their thirst for power .And that's how the war started again.

2)Gameplay :
5 Stages
4 Different Characters to choose from
Boss Battles
2 types of movement(normal-turbo)
Challenging Gameplay

The Goal

The game consists of totally 5 stages and every stage ends with a boss battle.Then you can advance to the next one,until you reach the final one where you have to defeat Lord Rangok himself,who wants to destroy the Spear you brought!Will you simply hand it over?

Progress & Characters

Fortunately enough, in this fight we are not alone.
We can choose between 4 characters,each one having his/her own ship,unique ability and bombs.We can freely choose between the first 3 (Marco,Astra,Big Joe) from the beginning and we can unlock one more,later - The Sam Urai .In my opinion, these 4 characters(the 4 ships)cover the most commonly used types of shooting,used by most games of this genre.In other words,i think that most players will find at least one character that will satisfy their tastes.

The Controls

The controls are precise and satisfying.The movement of your ship seems to be smooth and the shooting accurate.There are 2 types of movement,while shooting- The normal one that is slower ,but doing more damage and the turbo,where you are quicker ,but doing less damage.


The game is really challenging.You have 3 lives(you can get 3 hits for each life) and 3 credits to continue for all the stages.What makes the game really challenging are the boss battles.The bosses have a big amount of health.

The Flaws

Nothing is perfect they say and here are some flaws i found in the gameplay or at least some things that could have been done better.

First of all the colors of the bullets.The game (especially with the first 2 characters),uses the same colors for our bullets and some enemies' bullets.This is a very important mechanic in a shoot'em up,to not share the same colors between the bullets, because it can cause confusion to the player,especially in the beginning.Of course we can get used to it,as we play more.

Another flaw i found ,is the distance between our ship and the enemies and especially the bosses.It feels as if we are very close to them and this decreases the reaction time we have in our hands.

3)Visuals/Graphics :
Great pixel art

The pixel art is really nice.The game has a very cute appearence overall,with colorful graphics and a lot of retro vibes!

4)Sounds/Soundtrack :
Original Soundtrack
Simple Sound Effects

The soundtrack of the game is really AMAZING!I really couldn't have enough of it.Also the game offers a music player in the menu,where you can listen to all 34 tracks!Also the characters' voices are really well-made with many retro-vibes as well.

5)Strongest Points :
Really Fun
Challenging Gameplay
Great Pixel Art
AMAZING soundtrack
High Replay Value

Weakest Points :
Short,only 5 stages
Bullets' Colors that might confuse
Distance between our ship and enemies

While Rangok Skies is bit short(5 stages only),it has a high replay value.We can try beating the game with different characters and/or in higher difficulties.

6)Summary/Conclusion :
“Rangok Skies is a nice Shoot'em up and despite some flaws it may have,it is a very enjoyable experience.The great pixel art,the amazing soundtrack and the lots of retro vibes make it a game that is worth our time.I am sure that the fans of the genre will definitely enjoy it."

Score : 8/10

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