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3D Art Lead for Saxxy 2018 Overall Winner:
Agent Gunn: Vulkanite

3D Artist and Team Fortress 2 Contributor

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"Come 'ere, cupcake!"

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Facial Flexes
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Status - Pending, Created by - donhonk, Greg, and Square
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Q: What do you use for 3D Art?
A: Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Marmoset Toolbag 3, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Q: I have an idea for an item, can I add you to make it?
A: I've got plenty of concepts I could make, usually time is the limiting factor and not ideas. Sorry!

Q: Your TF2 item's facial flexes are broken!
A: This is a known bug that facial flexes are broken clientside, Valve has known for years and won't fix it / won't acknowledge it. Sorry! They appear fine on other players.

Items I've made / Contributed to

- The Headcase (PYRO TAUNT)
- Vitals Vest
- Battle Boonie
- Sharp Chest Pain
- The Upgrade
- The Warhood
- Blast Defense
- Showstopper
- Big Topper
- Second-Rate Sorcery! (HALLOWEEN TAUNT)
- Lil' Bitey
- Burly Beast (SEXY MEDIC YAY)
- Duck Journal
- El Duderino
- White Russian
- Lurker's Leathers
- Mr Mundee's Wild Ride
- Burstchester (ALL CLASS ALIEN TAUNT)
- Phononaut
- Screamin' Eagle
- Gift of Giving (2015 CHARITY MEDAL
- Polar Pullover
- Dry Gulch Gulp
- Frenchman's Formals
- Dead of Night
- Dough Puncher
- Teutonic Toque
- Pyromancer's Hood
- Pyromancer's Raiments
- Surgeon's Shako
- Accursed Apparition
- Trepanabotomizer
- Glob
- Beast From Below
- Sackcloth Spook
- Dark Helm
- Shadowman's Shade
- Mandrew's Munificent Mug (YOGSCAST 2017 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Israphel's Eleemosynary Expression (YOGSCAST 2017 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Duncan's Kindhearted Kisser (YOGSCAST 2016 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Hannah's Altruistic Aspect (YOGSCAST 2016 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Sips' Selfless Simulacrum (YOGSCAST 2016 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Sjin's Generous Guise (YOGSCAST 2016 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Honeydew's Charitable Countenance (YOGSCAST 2015 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Xephos' Philanthropic Physiognomy (YOGSCAST 2015 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Thought that Counts (YOGSCAST 2014 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Special Snowflake 2016 (2016 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Gift of Giving 2016 (2016 CHARITY MEDAL)
- Special Snowflake (2015 CHARITY MEDAL)
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Oceanic Ordnance
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Grand Theft Auto V
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Thestormingsfmguy(heavy main) Sep 16 @ 12:27pm 
when are you going to add the nightwatch to the most popular workshop shotgun?
Monstruon Sep 6 @ 9:57am 
woah, so this is creator of 99% of taunts? i-... i am really impressed :O
5 pc. chicken nuggets 2.49 Aug 25 @ 7:11pm 
Don't mind uploading the Airburst Rifle for Demo on to Gmod?
[~🎮*Kiko*🎮~] Aug 12 @ 3:41am 
Your taunts are amazing, unfortunately I have no money to buy the traunt ... but I will try, continuation of a good job, and if you want to add me please
Panskii Jul 22 @ 7:36am 
My reason to friend you? well I like your silly Wario pfp. That's it.
Edward.Troll Jul 21 @ 11:48am 
Dude your sick I think most of your TF2 workshop items should be in game if not all of them. I love your work your a legend and I how your love for TF2 never dies out your grate at what you do.