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Behold the power of alchemy

I fell in love with Atelier series ever since Totori existed. I personally don't play games much on consoles, and Arland series is the sole reason I had to buy a PS3. So of course I'm extremely biased when I wrote this review. But read on, I will try to provide information as simple as possible with following points.

+ This series is very long-running. Atelier Sophie is A17, the next entry (Firis) is A18.

+ The gameplay is indeed JRPG, incredibly deep but not in combat. It's in the alchemy system instead, all other RPG elements such as leveling, combat, exploring all have scoped mainly into alchemy. If you have time, you should take a look at Guides section in this game's Community area for more in-depth observations.

+ Atelier Sophie, while being A17 (17th in the series), is the first in a group called "Mysterious" trilogy. Yes, that's how recently released Atelier games are grouped into (the previous one is Dusk, furthermore is Arland). So this is a good start for you to get into the series on PC.

+ The whole franchise is well-known for its excellent music, and recent games are well-known for great character design from famous artists in Japan.

+ Many DLCs are included. However you have to get a simple patch (posted in Disscussion section), while being only half-priced, compared to console version.

+ The PC port is actually good. Yes there're some hiccups here and there but KT listened and patched some serious issues such as high CPU usage. Aside from that, it supports 4K resolution, MSAA and 60 FPS. The only big downsides left for me are: No Steam Cloud and no mouse support. Please consider using a controller instead, it doesn't have to be an expensive one though, a cheap controller with minor configuration with x360ce is more than enough.

PS: Minor fix for Steam Award :P
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Warmly welcome to my Steam profile, as well as my PC online gaming profile. I'm just an ordinary player since 2010 with Left 4 Dead 2 as the first game.

And well, since everyone asks me a lot of questions, I think I should answer some most frequently asked here. Feel free to add me to chat, but scammers and phishers, go away, seriously.

- Who are you?
Just an average gamer you would kindly expect. Left 4 Dead 2 is my first game on Steam.
I work as a web and mobile developer.

- What do you like/love?
Many things, sweets, chocolates, games, visual coding, books, music, badminton, my brothers, sisters; dandelion,... and especially Japanese anime/manga.
I love drawing too, but since last year of high school, I do not have much time for that, so for now, it isn't much either.
My favorite books are: Origin (Dan Brown) and Treasure Island (Stevenson).

- What kind of games do you like?
I can play any kinds of games. But I'm very interested in Puzzle, Adventure, Action and Casual games. I'm not a hardcore gamer, and with my currently number of games, I always start playing at "normal" difficulty to wipe away my stress first. Games are meant to be like that, I think.

But if you insist on asking specified games, I would like to answer: Dota, Professor Layton franchise, Alan Wake, Pokemon, MegaMan franchise, Bioshock series, and so on.

- What gaming platforms are you using?
PC (of course), PS3, PS4, NDS, PS Vita, New 2DS, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

- Are you a trader?
Well, not anymore, for now.
But anytime, you can send me a trade offer through this link

But, please pay attention: Watch out for scammers and impersonators. In fact, I always get my reputation points on Steamtrades at average level (currently 64) to keep my "low exposure" policy, in order to avoid impersonators. But if you have seen someone with the name same as mine, be sure to keep in mind that I:

+ Have 1000+ hours of Dota on record.
+ Level 70+.
+ 1300+ games.
+ Member since 27 November, 2011.
+ My custom URL is always /id/doko (non case-sensitive).

One last thing, I will not be responsible if you get scammed by someone impersonated me.

- Can I be your (Steam) friend?
Definitely. My profile is always public. I do not block anyone either, but you should give me the reason why you add me, it makes me feel safe in a community with many scammers like Steam.
There're people I don't like too, but don't worry.
Also, if one day you can't see me in your friend list, it's because we didn't chat for a long time. I usually do that to people who are not important for me. Please do not take it personally.
One more thing, don't just keep being quiet.

Favorite quotes:

"I choose to love you in silence, because in silence I find no rejection, and in silence no one owns you but me."

My special thanks to:

- Rush
- Canopus1620
- Sonix
- John Rambo
- Juha (SoL)

for all good things that I have gifted.

Other references:

Origin : doko2610
Xbox Gamertag : Doko Demo Doa
PSN : doko_demo_doa
iOS Game Center : Doko Demo Doa

Current RIG:

CPU: Intel Core i5 8600K
MB: MSI Z370A-Pro
GPU: GeForce GTX 1080Ti Waterforce Extreme Edition
RAM: G-Skill 16 GB 2400C17S
SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 250GB + 860 QVO 1TB
HKC & Dell Ultrasharp 24" 1080p Dual Screens.
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May all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year! :2015holly:
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Wishing you and your family peace, health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming year. Happy Holiday my friend!:2015holly::2015holly::2015holly:
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Thank you! Năm mới sức khỏe và thành công nhe !
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Whatever is beautiful. Whatever is meaningful. Whatever brings you happiness. May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year. Happy holiday my friend! :2015holly:
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great profile xD <3