Soraya   Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Who am I?

A girl gamer who is serious about gaming. I've been gaming since I could remember and it plays a major role in my life. My tastes run the full gamut of genres but my preferences tend towards HOG's for chilling out, RPG/roguelikes games of any sort and resource/simulation types. I am on Uplay and Origin and play a host of games there too.

What I'm terrible at is RTS against real people (i like everyone to be friends), sandbox games and sports sims. What I'm good at, is surprise attacks, micro-management, hidden objects and anything that requires fast reflex times. Yes, I'll be the nutter that runs at your sniping spot with a shotgun and somehow have the luck/tenacity to survive and knife you then leave a claymore for when you decide to camp there again.

I also own (and have broken from wear) several handhelds including 4 DS lites, 3DS, iPad 4, an Macbook Air and use a high-end 3 monitor gaming rig. I prefer Playstation over Xbox, and Xbox over Wii.

As for me? Im not single, have three black cats who have serious anti-social issues and like to pee on my front door but plan to increase our house-hold pets to include dogs, reptiles and more cats... because.... cats. We used to have fish, but unfortunately had a cluedo serial killer amongst them and one by one they died under mytserious circumstances. Jury is out on if the cats played a part.

Favourite Games

Wow you've read this far.... kudos for dedication

MMORPG: Guild Wars 1 & 2. Racked up by far the most hours on those and still play GW2 whenever I have a whole day off.
FPS: By default I preferred CoD over others but currently BF1 has my heart & soul.
RPG: Mass Effect/Dragon Age series
Stealth: I may go to hell but goddamnnit I can't help but love the Assassin Creed series. I still love having body piles in Thief though.
RTS: Warhammer Total War - even with all the bugs... just so much fun. Civilisation however wins for true RTS'ness.
Rogue-Like: Binding of Isaac. Fun Fact - friend who introduced me to it was called Isaac - work of god? who knows...
Crime: Give me Watchdogs over GTA anyday but Sleeping Dogs was epic in its time.

I'm an officer of [AUST] in Guild Wars 2 and have no real interest in joining another clan unless I'm seriously chatted up or given a cookie.
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I trade with honest people who want to finish sets or just trade for fun. I like crafting badges as well, but not in a rush to do it and would rather enjoy the journey and people I meet.
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Its absurd to think this is a decent HOG compared to others available...

The Good:
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Animations are nicely drawn
  • Somewhat nice variety of locations
  • Protagonist's voice acting is good

The Bad:
  • Bonus content voice acting is terrible
  • Hidden object searches were not accurate (I could easily pick off 3/4 of the items just randomly clicking)
  • Cannot skip conversations, narrations, most cutscenes. Even clicking descriptions, you have to wait for protagonist to finish saying "I have to put something in there"
  • Story length is short. Finished game in less than 4 hours + 'bonus content' on Expert first time
  • UI is not intuitive or consistent. Sometimes you drag an inventory item, sometimes you just click, sometimes you click lots for multiple items.. who knows until you have to try!

The Ugly:
  • Collector's edition has extra content- they remind you on every screen in there and on your items (serious example: Ruby [Collectors Edition])
  • Story didn't flesh out at all and don't really explain very much. Bonus content only serves to open more holes while badly plugging the ones you had finished with.
  • No extra features - no achievements, no cards, no side quests, no lore, no epilogue (I lie a little, you get to see... concept art after bonus is completed).

For people who know their HOG's:

This game is probably one of the lowest ranked HOG's I've seen in a long time. There are games in the Apple store for tablets that go for $2 that are better than this. The story is unengaging, short and unpolished; the puzzles either easy or annoying. This is the first time I've felt like skipping easy puzzles because I couldn't be bothered, as there was no motivation nor interest from story to encourage me, let alone some of them were very arduous.

The fact you can't skip most of the dialogue in the game, including 'monologues about what to do next' really kills your interest and since you're left with no epilogue or extra features makes you feel like the whole game was a chore with little to show for it. For $A5, you're not getting your money's worth. I would buy it at <$1 sale as it still had beautiful artwork and well, its still a HOG :)

For people who are new to HOG's (Hidden Object Games):

This is not one of the better ones on the market folks. There are much more fun HOG's on Steam that give you so many extra features that they're now generally accepted as standard including Steam Cards, side quests (e.g. extra hidden objects in different maps), achievements and more. It is especially important to note that this game did not have a very good tutorial nor really orientate you to what you're meant to do so it may not be the best one to start with or base your opinion of HOG's.
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Convert Excess Dragon Souls Into Perk Points with the Dragon Knowledge Spell. Allowing you to tap into the Vast Knowledge possessed by the Dragons you’ve slain and to convert it into useful Skill Perks. Configurable and Compatible and requiring no third pa
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Tequatl's little brother :D instead of 80 players with cannons and megalasers, we get... just the 3 musketeers :)
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Malice Aug 1 @ 12:17pm 
Yep, read that far and then some. Have some solidarity from another odd one which can't get enough of actual articulate content on profiles and believes they may be representative of, um, some virtues of the mind? So cheers ^^'
!Yoodiv (LJC) Jul 1 @ 1:01pm 
I'm in for mp Wazhack.
Dopefisher Jul 1 @ 9:12am 
well, it can actually make the game easier, because you can share items with everyone. you can also revive each other if you die.
Amber Jul 1 @ 3:46am 
Hey Dope, Ive never Mp'd Wazhack :D wats it like
Dopefisher Jun 30 @ 11:43pm 
Hi, do you like Saints Row 3? also, found u in the Wazhack forums. Maybe we can play co-op someday!
ecureuilcity Mar 26 @ 1:00am 
Thanks for the trade :hi5:
+rep :greenlight: