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Any feedback and criticism are welcome to improve my works

Define video games as an art, design, and personal challenges
Create random fanarts and digital painting including 3D artworks, porting model (source engine model).
All of source models are belong to talented modder / modeler in Source modding community
who take time and effort for extraction. Without them, those artwork won't be happened.

My drawing style is based on particular brushes with soft texturing and shading. Characters tend to be semi-realistic look.
Please give me a credit if you attempt to use my artworks.

I do enjoy writing some game analysis. How is overall design? How's intriguing for player and suggestion for improvement.
Fans of classic 80' and 90' animes/musics such as Ghost in The Shell, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebob, etc.
Sometimes play co-op games with my friends or spend my time for singleplayer for exploration,
unique indie games, and create screenshot artworks. (only rate and favorite artwork made by your skills.)

Vindictus Player since 2010 [NA East server - Irregular Guild]
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“A cult classic RPG with intriguing dark modern fantasy world and excellent writing”

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is action RPG released in in 2004 by Troika Games.
**My review is based on retail CD-ROM version which I bought in 2004 and completed on multiple playthrough (without unofficial patch). Although, I didn’t cover all vampire clans, it’s still one of best RPG experience despite of technical issues.

World of Darkness

VTM: Bloodlines inspired by Tabletop role-playing game like the World of Darkness. Set in Los Angeles where vampires, werewolves, and other creatures are no longer myths. Rule of masquerade set the wall between humans and vampires. You are one of them; spend time in endless night from the complex alley in Santa Monica to Asian distract in Chinatown and reveal the true secret of dark society.

Be one of them

At the beginning of the game, you will introduced by biography and allowed to choose between 7 different vampire clans; The Brujah (fierce warriors), The Gangrel (animalistic loners), The Malkavian (mentally insane), The Nosferatu (disfigured sneaky), The Toreador (socializable artist), The Tremere (mage and warlock), The Ventrue (classy rulers). Each clan affects how you perceived the world. The clan offers set of unique disciplines (vampire powers) and passive skills that can completely change your progression, dialogue, and perspective. For example; the classy Ventrue can’t feed animal blood which is a contrast to the Nosferatu crawling in the sewer to the objective and can’t freely roam on street like other clans. The Malkavian will face twisted dialogues; question you what is real answer or your hallucination.

Moreover, you spend point on attributes and abilities which affect the effectiveness of each task (unarmed, hacking, persuasion, perception, stealth, etc.) which greatly support your accessibility or additional choice for conversation and combat approach.

Follow your bloodline

VTM: Bloodlines has same set of linear main story quest, but it won’t hold your hand to progress in specific way. The quest design allows multiple approaches which can end up to full stealth or non-lethal. If the situation went wrong, the game still offer you a decent combat system. A bit flimsy, but still fast-pace and fun from unarmed to range gunplay with association of some disciplines. Stealth can be bit tricky in term of enemy line of sight, but reward you with satisfied finishing move.

The side quest has its own story and adds a bit of world background or support the role of NPCs. Leading you to unique location with engaging story and objective (haunted house, mysterious serial killer, clan conflicts). They are memorable and very entertain when you revisit with different approach.

You gain experience points from completed quest, it’s balanced design that emphasize the main goal regardless of your play style. Some quests also reward special item or regain Masquerade point (it depletes if you break the appearance and violate human which result hunt and death.).
Some choices can affect Humanity point which can result losing your character control. So, choose wisely.

Words of Choice

The strongest point of VTM: Bloodlines is the dialogue. Most of them are extraordinary well written, natural, bit comical, and filled with clever lines without distinct black and white choice like some modern RPGs. Make you think twice and keep your engagement.

Every NPC has their own personality represented by supporting voice and animation. You could sense their moment from intense feeling to amusing humor. They are part of the world not just static NPC with bare bone quest. With based design of Source engine, it’s well executed to deliver facial animation, gesture, and top-notch voice acting by various talented actors.

Sound of Nyctophilia

VTM: Bloodlines fulfills the atmosphere with amazing soundtracks. Synthpop, Techno Dark, and other memorable songs by real bands. Ambient soundtracks give you some vibes of classic horror, dark movie depend on each location you visit.

The combat sound provide satisfied feedback (melee impact, firearm sound), although it’s sometimes unsync with animation.

Stumble upon the Dark

The major flaw of VTM: Bloodlines is technical problems when it was released (probably rushed by Activision for marketing purpose). Some players addressed different game breaking bugs, glitches, and poor enemy AI. In original version, I was forced to use console command to bypass most quest glitches. The end game is quite forced to use range weapons which give you hard time if you had spent all point to melee combat. Bloodlines also suffer from graphical issue due to unoptimized Source Engine compared to Half-Life 2 released in same date.

Fortunately, the community delivers unofficial patches to fix most critical issues and still update to this day including several mods to improve every aspect and balance the gameplay to its best.

Final Verdict

VTM: Bloodlines is underrated gem but it’s somehow overshadowed by several issues on release. With deeper inspection; it still represents one of best well-crafted world and dialogue that emphasize the best RPG experience. It features high amounts of replayability which you revisit the world of vampires for different clan and choices. A classic and highly recommend for RPG fans with latest unofficial patch installed, worth even it’s on full price.
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