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Tyler   Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada
The noble otaku, at your service. :bonfire2:

You can add me but comment on my profile or else I will decline your friend requst and probably block you.

I change my profile pic a lot, sorry if you hate it.

Everything else I type under here is my own personal meme hell

I am just going to T pose for a while.

A pat on the head a day keeps the docter away.

Personally I prefer the air.

What's the matter scared.

Remember no preorders......... Ok maybe I'll preorder Cyberpunk 2077.

Gorden Ramsey: Hold my lamb sauce.

I feel like I am the only one who is excited for the Dragon Quest Protagonist to be in Smash Bros.
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My Bio about me and other cool things.
My little bio about me.
Hello my name is Tyknighter and I am a noble otaku. I am a simple Canadian Ginger who likes to play games, watch anime, read manga, listen to music, and merch collecting. I am a huge fan of Nintendo games and I know a quite a bit about there history and a lot of other gaming history and facts that I am more then willing to share. My favorite game is really hard to decide but I have a few favorites, my favorite 3D platform is Super Mario Galaxy 2, my favorite first person shooter is Team Fortess 2, my favorite fighting game is really hard to decide but if I had to choose it would me Melty Blood (recommend reading the Melty Blood manga) and I'll give a special shout out to BlazeBlue and Guilty Gear, my favorite 2D platformer is Shovel Knight, and my favorite farming game is Stardew Valley. I enjoy listening to all sorts of music to rock, a little bit of metal, I like old pop music and I love Gumi who is my favorite Vocoloid, also The Offspring is my favorite punk rock band. I have had a rough past which I have recorved from and because of that I want to help people with their problems as best as I can, but my dream job is to be an author all thinks to One Piece as it has gave me the idea to be an author and share my ideas with the world and so much more. I want everyone to be treated as an equal and to never be judged by things that they like and for everyone to be happy, I will do my best to make people as best as I can and I strive for you, the person reading this to do the same and make someone's world a differnce in their life.

Saber from Fate Stay Night is very beautiful.

Oh and due to my disability, I may misspell words and make grammar errors, I am deeply sorry if I made anyone cringe whale reading my bio.

My main goal, is to beat Dragon Quest 11.

I am aware that my unusual for my sniper does have a shoot me here sign, but I have it on so the better snipers can target me so I can get better as sniper.

:musicnote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8uKfV1yfGk :]random Super Mario RPG song.

You can add me if you want, but please state from the following.
Comment on my profile before adding me :bbtagruby:
Do not add me if you have a pravite profile :Ageha:
Do not add me for trading, I do not trade and if I am going to trade I will be doing it on Backpack.TF and no I will not take any offeres through steam. :seriousboss:
Do not add me and just don't talk to me and don't add me just for a friends collection :shigure:
Do not spam me with invites to games, I'll respond when I can to the invite game:sleepyjill:
Do not spoil anime or manga for me, you would not like it if I did it too you :bbtagjin:
Do not add me just to invite me to your steam group and please don't invite me to trading and raffle groups :Ibuki_DGR:
Do not give me links to fake websites and no I will not support your gambling website, if you happen to get an invite to a gambling website or what ever chances are it's not me and someone is impersnating me :Chiaki_DGR:
I am ok with you teasing me but please try and keep it respectful :Eryn:
I don't add cheaters, ever in my life will I accpect cheaters, you can cheat in single player games, but if you cheat in mutilplayer games, then you are ruining people's fun in games they want to play. :SisterRam:
Don't be rude to my friends, it's not right and I will remove you :Yoru:
You can add me no matter if you are LGBTQ, you can be any race, and etc. If you treat me with respect I will do the same to you :kyoko_DGR:
If you read through this and seeing a bunch of spelling or grammer mistakes, I am sorry I am not the best when it comes to spelling and grammer.

Things that my friends say, that are worth keeping.
Yuki: Ty, you're like one of the Masochistic support's
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Charlie Kelly Jun 18 @ 5:32am 
I know
Charlie Kelly Jun 17 @ 4:56pm 
that profile wallpaper, I see you are man of culture as well
NINJ@ | CHEESE Jun 14 @ 10:29pm 
NINJ@ | CHEESE Jun 14 @ 10:29pm 
Webs uniteeeeeee. Lemme know how you like the show bro btw
The 502nd Jun 14 @ 8:47pm 
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Sankyu :3