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Screenshot Showcase
A royal flush?!!!! This event is so rare that they didn't even record a voice line for it. GLaDOS calls it a straight flush!!!!
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1,885 Hours played
No longer available on Steam (licensing issues and the developer went bust), but easy enough to pirate if you want.

10 hours playing this game should be mandatory for anyone before they try their hand at investing. Priceless education in just how fickle chance is. There's no such thing as a sure bet.

Of the characters seated around the table, I'm only familiar with GLaDOS, but the dialogue is so funny that I'm now committed to playing/watching Borderlands, The Evil Dead, The Venture Bros, and Sam & Max. Each player is bursting with personality, and the absurd premise seems totally believable once you're through a few hands.

It's a pity that indie games are mostly dead now (saturated market and a much weaker U.S. economy since the mid-2010's). These sorts of innovative titles are now largely a relic, and we should treasure them while we can.
Screenshot Showcase
Preach, Feynman!!!
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