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Portal 2
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This is a map that came from some scrapped ideas that are no longer in this map.

Known bug: There's no collision in either direction with cubes and the floor grate.
Grate issue fixed with update.

Easy: 2/10 ? Let me know...

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Created by - DeathWish808
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Jeyphr May 10 @ 8:35am 
I recently updated one of my old maps that you played, can you review it for me?
Crazy Attack371 Mar 5 @ 1:44am 
DeathWish808 Mar 4 @ 8:09pm 
LOL! How'd you guess...?
cr1mzon™ Mar 3 @ 12:15pm 
i think you like portal 2 but i'm not sure bout that
Crazy Attack371 Feb 22 @ 6:39am 
Actually maybe don't play them yet. I am going to update them first. Then you can play them. Once they are updated I will post the links here. I just saw @bullfrog's solution that is all and I think you might likely do the same thing anyways thank you.