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Yes I reccomend this game to Anyone that lieks the Final Fantasy Series, The Originals that is. This game is turn based, and it comes in the format of somewhat of a romantic novel between a Soldier and a Faction Leader. I Highly reccomend that You take your time reading and please for your own sake DO NOT RUSH, you will miss out on a breath taking story and its world; And i do mean this DO NOT RUSH.

This is my favorite Final Fantasy in the series, and yes i played 9, 10 , and reasonably 7 .

Anyway here it goes:

The Graphics.. don't give a damn about it, this isnt a remake is re-release of the game. Still love the original one on PS1

The Audio: It was very interesting to hear the MIDI structure Nobuo Uematsu put together, I was able to tell how he approached the themes, and where he could have possibly had trouble playing. [ Check out EDEA's Theme i believe is called sucession of witches, or the sucessor. Also check out Balamb's theme you would hear a dissonant sound from both themes. So from musician to musician it was very exiting to hear what the next track would sound like in MIDI :D. Though I like the MIDI version in its own way, the orchestrated versions of the OST is by far better, and i mean waaaaay better.

The Gameplay: Turn based, OR NOT really. There is ATB which is Active Time battle and you can basically bump this all the way up and it wont feel turn based. what this does is that it makes the battle waiting faster, and as you level up so do your sorroundings so it will be even faster! The magic in this game is not learned as an ability but drawn from Draw points and or monsters, and they do not take away any magic power, or MP, but they are stored in Quantities. To some this might be an abomination BUT to me this feels a bit interesting and maybe, challenging, because you will then learn not to waste magic, lets say you have for instance 10 curagas or 5 Meltdowns....ehheheh. you best use them wisely. I also love the Junction system because this gives the characters and the GFs more uniqueness, enough said.

One con, and this is a big one for me, I DO NOT LIKE THE MAGIC BOOSTER, i think that takes away from the game, and also encourages people to cheat, which in my opinion is a bad thing to do, because it takes away from the experience & who would want to cheat with such a good game? this turns off people.

On a side note if they were to do more Final Fantasy remakes' they should add an option that Filters the graphics of these games, they arent demanding anyways, to give them different tones.. that would be very very very cool.

I will highly reccomend this game , dont worry about what people say about this title, everyone has their own taste,

10/10 - Personally
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I started playing the new Tomb Raider, and guess what a specific enemy is called? Onii. It takes place on an island near Japan fyi. They look like samarai lol