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Sydney's World...
Genre: RPG, Casual
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 15 @ 11:07am
Nov 1 @ 3:44pm

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Release date: January 2015
Sydney and her toy elf Snowball have been taken from our world for very different purposes. One has discovered latent magical powers, while the other has been brought to life. They are the key to destroying another world entirely...and saving our own. As Sydney embarks on (for her) an epic quest, she will stop small dogs from barking, ignore good advice from adults, help a king to reconsider his philosophy, and along with Snowball, determine the fate of two worlds.

Players will enjoy exploring a new world without the usual multitude of pointless side-quests (to get sufficient XP and gold merely to access the next area), and lame dialog clicked to skip as fast as possible.

For younger players, Sydney's World is meant to be played together with a relative or friend to help them understand the more challenging vocabulary and conflicts, and navigate the more difficult puzzles and battles. Evil characters and Sydney are voice-acted to add interest. There is no profanity, blood/gore, or sexual content, and perhaps even more cheap ending!

Retro-RPG gamers can expect an enjoyable storyline, with the focus on dialog and exploration, not combat. About ten hours for an experienced gamer; twice that for a novice player.

For more information, please visit
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Mar 26 @ 9:15pm
How does this game foster reading skills?
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saintivan  [author] Sep 23 @ 2:10pm 
Thanks...yeah, I put on Alpha footage first which was a huge mistake. Yes, I orginally started it for my daughter to show her how to make her own game.
TTS Sep 22 @ 10:45pm 
No, I'm sorry... I'd only recently known of this huge update. When I first visited this page, it was pretty mediocre and yeah... But now it looks pretty... alright! Wasn't this made for your daughter? :) You're a good father.
saintivan  [author] Sep 21 @ 10:23am 
Thanks The Twisted Scribbler; have you commented before? There has been a lot of useful feedback from the community.
TTS Sep 20 @ 11:10pm 
It's nice to see this game updated! :)
saintivan  [author] Sep 9 @ 5:18pm 
Mizufluffy, why haven't I hired you as a consultant? Seriously though, I especially like your idea about including game story information on the website.
Mizufluffy Sep 9 @ 4:29pm 
Title "Services" doesn't really make much sense to me, it seems page is for Game Download ("Coming Soon") and some gameplay videos about the game. Maybe it could be renamed as "Media" and have only those videos there? And instead of "Coming Soon." there could be note on front page about game being in Steam Greenlight? Some additional, and optional, things to advertise Sydney's World would be getting it on social media such as Facebook or Twitter (with links back to I doubt more publicity would be bad for the game. (2/2)
Mizufluffy Sep 9 @ 4:29pm 
These are just my personal opinions but... I think might look better with links to Steam Greenlight & YouTube channel where videos are and with some of the latest game developing progress news. Even "About Us" does not tell much about the developer, only that the developer is an educator and a father. It doesn't really answer question "who". Even a simple "Game was developed by saintivan." would suffice. Actually I think "About Us" explains more about game features than the person or the group behind the game.. Perhaps there could be a additional page for game story & features? (1/2)
saintivan  [author] Sep 9 @ 2:54pm 
Mizufluffy, you raise a good point. I haven't thought much about interlinking the sites, nor at all about making my youtube channel into something more than just a repository for gameplay videos.
Mizufluffy Sep 6 @ 12:07pm 
I visited and also YouTube channel where Sydney's World videos here on Steam Greenlight are from and I didn't find a single link to here, Steam Greenlight page, on either of them which I found strange. This is just my opinion but I think lacks some information such as news about game's current progress or dates and such. Only date I found was actually a year on bottom of the screen: "Copyright 2013". Lack of news, dates and having "Coming Soon" on one page with year being 2013 aren't very good signs if someone finds their way to from somewhere else than from here. I don't think it would be bad idea to make two-way links between Steam, and YouTube channel (+ other pages if there are more).
saintivan  [author] Sep 6 @ 11:57am 
Thanks Mizufluffy. There has been some very useful constructive criticism on greenlight that has helped me to improve the game. Feel free to post anything else that comes to mind; it really is appreciated.