Damon, 21   New Zealand

Never forget mr Sawezcek <3


Damøn1174: no he's getting from paypal
Damøn1174: so tradeable
dealz: ask for sweets tho
dealz: a bunch
dealz: like a whole damn shop of sweets my dude
Damøn1174: xD
Damøn1174: Ill try
Damøn1174: I did originally ask for 35 + sweets
Damøn1174: so ill see how it goes down
dealz: ur gonna get cavaties from all the sweets hes gonna give u
Damøn1174: xdddd


Damøn1174: I sold it :P
Damøn1174: got 35 pure + some sweets
Damøn1174: now i've quickbought a bunch of unu's
dealz: How many sweets
Damøn1174: like 6 ref lol
dealz: ...
Damøn1174: im happy with it tho :P
dealz: I was gonna change my name to dentist Dealz but I guess not now :(
Damøn1174: why lol
dealz: Cuz u were gonna get cavities
Damøn1174: Ohhh
Damøn1174: XD

[TotH] Ar3M: K
[TotH] Ar3M: Rubi buys it for 20 keys, so if it dosnt sell i can sell to rubi for 1 ref profit
Damøn1174: k
[TotH] Ar3M: And whats best
[TotH] Ar3M: Its level 69
[TotH] Ar3M: Xdd
Damøn1174: xdddd
Damøn1174: easy extra keys
[TotH] Ar3M: Yeye
[TotH] Ar3M: Themed
[TotH] Ar3M: Bcuz miami and 69
Damøn1174: and what do you do in Miami at nigt?
Damøn1174: ♥♥♥♥ some dirty hoes
[TotH] Ar3M: Bang chicks
[TotH] Ar3M: Exactly

Damøn1174: Hello 6:06:42 PM
Damøn1174: how may I help you 6:06:45 PM
Anti-Ukelele: Hi 6:06:47 PM
Anti-Ukelele: Can I hear that offer again? 6:06:52 PM
Damøn1174: Hey guys, buying unusuals/items with 45 pure keys, also selling a few discounted unusuals, trade me! 6:06:56 PM
Anti-Ukelele: A crate is an item 6:07:52 PM
Anti-Ukelele added Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #82 6:07:53 PM
Damøn1174: yee 6:07:58 PM
Anti-Ukelele: 45 keys please 6:08:00 PM
Damøn1174: but I said 6:08:00 PM
Damøn1174: over 1 key :P 6:08:02 PM
Anti-Ukelele removed Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #82 6:08:11 PM
Anti-Ukelele: okay 6:08:20 PM
Anti-Ukelele: so 6:08:21 PM
Anti-Ukelele: how about 6:08:23 PM
Anti-Ukelele added Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #83 6:08:28 PM
Anti-Ukelele added Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #84 6:08:28 PM
Anti-Ukelele: two crates 6:08:34 PM
Damøn1174: Imnot interested in any form of crates 6:08:40 PM
Damøn1174: and you have tradeholds 6:08:43 PM
Anti-Ukelele: yeah but 6:08:50 PM
Anti-Ukelele: what if 6:08:53 PM
Anti-Ukelele added Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #85 6:08:55 PM
Anti-Ukelele: three 6:08:57 PM
Damøn1174: dont care, I wouldnt want 100 6:09:05 PM
Damøn1174: sorry man, cya 6:09:08 PM
hi doc

What’s up

about to have dinner

Of course u are

all good
hows raymond going


b a s b a s b a s

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Dingus May 15 @ 12:19am 
Secretly you love me
SaltyFatRat #FixTF2! May 1 @ 3:54pm 
+40 keys pure?:funnycube:
SkullKid0155 | trade.tf Mar 1 @ 9:02pm 
+rep skilled trader, helped me understand the trading business pretty well. anuway, hope you're doing well after that hate comment.
beaghost Feb 7 @ 1:18pm 
A hater
Nader Jan 3 @ 9:50pm 
Genuinely one of the lousiest excuses for a player there is. did "well" in a game and talked ♥♥♥♥ the whole ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ time even tho it was 16-14 and 4v4 most of the game (I had 600 ping, they had a lever and so did we). Anyays you're poor and retarded so thats all that matters to me. I know i am far ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ superior to you and it wil stay that way for a long time you worthless ai. I pray that you get ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ shot in the head you moron HAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAH I WIN I WIN IM A WINNNER AND YOURE BLOCKED HAHAHAHAHAAHAAAHAHH
Odoaol Nov 12, 2023 @ 7:52pm 
+rep pretty good player