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Take the Time to Enjoy Yourself. Make Some Coffee! Sip, Relax, Repeat.
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Remove Achievements for Games such as "Trivia Vault" Does not require any third-party software Works for any game!
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DOOM (1993) one of my first games I've ever played; started my love for first-person shooter games
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This game has to be in my top 5 best enjoyed games. I loved every moment of this puzzle game which had optical illusions! Players need to change their perspective and think outside the box in order to wake up from the dream. It surprised me with how meaningful the story-line was and taught everyone who played it a valuable lesson. As well as "beating the game"... I knew I made the right call ;) There were certainty moments where I was saying "how the heck do I even-" and then it clicks.. like 10 minutes later. I also ended up glitching myself through the map a few times because of the way I was playing, I was exploring every corner and crevice haha but it was 100% worth the curiosity. Never had I experienced a dull moment as it kept me entertained for 5 straight hours upon completion. Overall, it was certainty a 11/10 game. I can't wait to start playing the extra modes such as challenge mode, multiplayer, developer commentary, and participating in the somnasculpt workshop!
about me
Hey, I was an Xbox player for about 8 years and then switched to PC once I had enough money to build one for myself. Prior to Xbox, I was a Nintendo kid and loved Super Mario Bros. I also loved to play some of my dads games that he had on his old computer which was sooo slow.. but there's a game that holds a special place in my heart which is called "The Neverhood".

It's an old game released in 1996, I remember my 6 or 7 year old self referred to the game as "spooky" not knowing what the game was actually called until many years down the line.
I called the main character that name. He happens to be the avatar on my Steam Group
and his real name in the game is Klaymen. He's a soft, silly guy who embarks on an adventure of The Neverhood and is adherent with his king who created everything around him, even Klaymen.

Interested in the game? Take a second and listen to Klaymen's Theme.

Another game I have locked in my heart is DOOM (1993). I played this game on the Atari as a young lad and it was my first, first person-shooter game I had ever played. The 3 games that sealed my childhood were New Super Mario Bros, The Neverhood, and DOOM. I'd like to think of as, Super Mario Bros being the game that you can enjoy while feeling like a kid. The Neverhood, the game where puzzles leaves your mind befuddled as well as having fun with wacky characters. And then DOOM started that eternal drive of competition and progression. That is, being that killing the monsters in the game would advance you to the next level and defeating the Dark Lord.

CS:GO Rank: Global Elite

Games I am working on to completion:

• Cookie Clicker (609/637)
• Dead By Daylight (83/248)
• Grand Theft Auto V (26/77)
• Red Dead Redemption 2 (13/51)
• Team Fortress 2 (171/520)
• Portal 2 (22/51)
• Palworld (6/12)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition (3/35)


• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (158/187)
• Forager
• The Neverhood

My Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 19, 22, 23, 123, 222, 555

My Favorite Valve Songs:
Still Alive - Portal 2
MEDIC! - Team Fortress 2
Rocket Jump Waltz - Team Fortress 2

YouTube Subscriber Milestones:
100 Subs - June 12, 2024
500 Subs - June 17, 2024
1,000 Subs - June 24, 2024
5,000 Subs -
10,000 Subs -
50,000 Subs -
100,000 Subs -
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Hey what did Heavy say to the Scout?
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CS:GO Remembrance - Clip Dump
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147 Hours played
At 39 hours I still am entertained with the game.. usually I start to get bored of a game quickly it's not in my genre of usual interest- but Dead by Daylight has proven me wrong.
There's a ton of characters to choose from (survivors or killers) which have perks for each character and has many more customization features.
I really enjoy having the choice to play as a survivor or the killer. Often times, I play survivor in the morning and killer at night haha.
If you're not sure on what to do in the game, I'd suggest going through the tutorial or look up videos about the game on YouTube.
One way I am finding new ways to play the game is by looking at the achievements and going after them.
This keeps me motivated and focused on completing fun features of the game!
I would give this game an 8/10, it has left me quite entertained and hooked (literally)..
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Throwback Photo: GTA 5 Grind Era on Xbox
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My Phase 4 Sapphire
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