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ESEA RANK A+ (9/30/2016)
FACEIT Master League (1/11/2017)

Past teams
Rexo Gaming (Moufra, R1qzor, JoeyVHA, Norcha, BrokenGears)
Rexo Europe (LANDERRR, Bjørn, Wiert, Firzen, BrokenGears)
Rexo (Lander, Wiert, JoeyVHA, Jellun, BrokenGears)
7Aziaten (WinWolf^, KetamineWow, Xavarn, Pawky, BrokenGears)
mCon.Matig (Ertjeee, Lander, Dreez, MikeyyM, Brokengears)
VUILNISMAN (dreez, Ertjeee, Kipfler, SAWMy, BrokenGears)
VultureNL (SÆGA, SoLRek, REBELL, SLisKDAKJE, BrokenGears)
Pugna Nova.

League Achievements
ESEA main S29 | Rexo Gaming (Moufra, R1qzor, JoeyVHA, Norcha)
ESEA main S28 | Rexo Europe (LANDERRR, Bjørn, Wiert, Firzen)
ESEA intermediate S27 | Rexo (LANDERRR, Wiert, JoeyVHA, Jellun)

Lan Achievements
[€1750] The Reality 19 - 1st place (Moufra, JoeyVHA, R1qzor, Norcha, BrokenGears) [Rexo Gaming]
[€1750] ESL Dutch Championship - 2nd Place (Moufra, JoeyVHA, R1qzor, Norcha, BrokenGears) [Rexo Gaming]
[€1125] Tweakers Gaming Live - 3rd place (Moufra, JoeyVHA, R1qzor, Norcha, BrokenGears) [Rexo Gaming]
[€300] The Party 17 - 3rd place (Wouter de Grote, Holy, Jex, Sharky, BrokenGears) [Vae Victis]
The Reality 18 - 9-12th place (WinWolf^, KetamineWow, Xavarn, Pawky, BrokenGears) [7Aziaten]
The Party 14 - 9-12th place (SÆGA, SoLRek, REBELL, SLisKDAKJE, BrokenGears) [VultureNL]

Main roles
Entry Fragger, (Secondary) AWPer,


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PC specs
Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Aura
Cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb (4x4gb) DDR4-2400 Memory
Gpu: Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle
Headphone: Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro | 80 Ohm
Mouse: Zowie EC1-A
Mousepad: Steelseries Qck Heavy
Mouse Bungee: Razer
Monitor: BenQ XL2411 144Hz & Benq RL2455HM 60 Hz

Recent Activity

77 hrs on record
last played on Feb 20
1,598 hrs on record
last played on Feb 20
34 hrs on record
last played on Feb 20
COUNTRY MA'AM Dec 1, 2021 @ 2:48am 
gomikuzu nintei
BEETLEJUICE Apr 4, 2021 @ 3:25pm 
very talented and good player he is not toxic highly recommend playing with him
Loka Mar 10, 2021 @ 1:33pm 
Racist say n-word the whole time
FTL+ soraJJ Jul 13, 2020 @ 7:21am 
shout out do this amazing cool dude we played once on d2 on a private server and he absolutely destroyed me didnt even have time to react lol
Пичколо ♥ May 28, 2020 @ 4:10pm 
can you sign my profile please :jhheart:
John Carlos Apr 25, 2020 @ 3:01am 
+rep club penguin professional ;)