Nash Grissom   Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Watcher of Anime and Player of Games.

Big into Computer Certifications (A+, N+, and S+)

Works in managing companies databases, along with hard/software troubleshooting

Always down for Pokemon (VGC & TCG)

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Father and Son !
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Weagles2018Premiers Sep 7 @ 8:57pm 
Yeah, played a few of the DQ games on PS2 and DS in the past.
break Sep 2 @ 8:46pm 
Got that Dragon Quest my boys !!
break Aug 13 @ 6:35pm 
Dang...the new Monster Hunter seems like a fun game
machomuu Jun 21 @ 7:06pm 
Hope you made a healthy wishlist :hp_nikki:
break Jun 21 @ 7:04pm 
Oh nice, the summer sale has started !!
machomuu Nov 24, 2017 @ 4:58pm 
Yeah, nabbed it the moment it came out on Steam. Didn't have too much fun when I played it around a year ago due to the cards that were available at the time, but getting back into it now's been a blast.

And I can't stop playing.

Halp :torielsad: