Brandon   Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada
I'm a giant faggot
me and my people eat shit
JFC, home of the poutine
ri ram jreezuz chrhist
canadians are shit eating apes who jerk eachother off with luke warm cheese lube
they call it "nacho squeeze"
k bi
i work the nite shift at walli world so i have to sleep through the day
i staple my feet to the roof of my dirt shack and my sister (who has no gag relfex) puts me in my straight jacket
then she leaves for the promised land with her 3 black lovers
and i ready myself for hybernation
my mother prepares four of the finest putines in small green nugget form
she then feeds me so i can survive the winter
once i've gained enough weight i can wiggle myself out of my cacoon and emerge a new canadian
i saddle my donkey and ride to the nearest general store so i can work for my poutine
after all, a man whore's gotta eat
all day long i stack bottles of maple syrup
they wont notice if a couple go missing
after all i must satisfy myself somehow
and the nacho squeez gets old
once i've finished i finish working and head home
and grind for 6 hours straight on gta
you see i like to pretend i live in the united stateszez(edited)
after all it is infinitly better than anywhere here
but for now
i must rest
as my blood sugar is high, and my willpower low
i will return on the morrow
good day
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