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3/12/21 - Steve disowns me. RIP brother.
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Yes! I trade! Cards, backgrounds, emoticons, CSGO, Viridi, Armello, unmarketable items/cards... send offer :)
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The novel/buggy/misunderstood achievement made easy.
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If a practiced scifi author had written this as a short, it could be a fantastic story.

If one of the experienced producers with a budget had hired the talent, it could have been a good screenplay.

If the director and actors would have had a bit more experience (and perhaps time), it could have been a little more polished as a finished product, rather than looking like a hobbyist production.

Keep in mind, it's a decade old now, so the effects are pretty good for an indie film from 2008... but still, if you don't like FILMS then this probably won't be of interest.

This is neither a good nor a bad short; it's just a marginal production with marginal production value and inexperienced actors and (imo) director, but has the bumpkin-charming feel of a bedtime/campfire story. These are aspects more related to limited time and a simple plot, and by the end I was glad they chose to keep it simple because once you get what's happening, the substantive story has already been told, and it's only about seeing it played out. There are some minor stereotype references (the old farmer; the rash young man; the mildly ditzy young woman; the inexplicably loyal automaton; the flying car), but no overtly political or social commentary on that level.

While I don't think I wasted my money at a sale price of $.50, I also wouldn't recommend the film to anyone without a disclaimer to the effect of, "It's not bad, but you WON'T be impressed." This is one of those products that makes me wish for a neutral rating option; as anything other than an indie production, or if it was longer than 22 mins of your life, I would say to avoid this product. That said, it's inoffensive (nothing graphic, no harsh language), would carry about a PG rating, and could be shared with young kids as a thought provoking resource.

The only thing I didn't understand as a focus was with the fruit: what was the deal with everyone being unable to eat without indulgently drooling juices on themselves and smiling like a happy autistic child???
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Set up for the achievement Epilogue: Exodus, and Note: The School of Life. Misha (child), Katia, Marco, and Marin are the starting characters and the conflict will last 50 days, with a late, moderate winter.
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Created by - shattered fractal
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shattered fractal Mar 10 @ 5:07am 
You the Man, LuckyDog!
LuckyDog Mar 9 @ 1:23pm 
Thx for the sound advice, friend - hope all is well your way :ontoagoodthing:
FrizzyHair Jan 11 @ 8:03am 
Kind of late to the party but Happy New Year, have a great one and thank you for all the years of friendship on Steam:AOEKnight:
shattered fractal Nov 30, 2023 @ 3:00pm 
Hi Will, I'm interested in that badge but more than anything I want to be able to get the card drops... one of the changes Steam has made that I don't like is the browser play/no time in game counter.

Did you have a trade in mind?
WillSpringer Nov 30, 2023 @ 9:55am 
Still going for the Postal - The Movie badge?
Identimate Nov 30, 2023 @ 7:53am 
Thanks for the we wait...Cheerio.