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It's been a while since I last set foot in the TERA universe. I highly doubt anyone would bother reading the following review, but if you do, it's best you skip as what I'm about to say is subjective and entirely up to debate.

I've always had a knack for MMORPGs ever since I was little, at the tender age of seven to be exact. I've played tons throughout these ten years, from Tales of Pirates to Maplestory, experiencing all races, jobs, classes each of these games had to offer. I admit I'm not an outspoken person in real life, but through these MMOs, meeting new friends, partying and clearing mobs together just came naturally, at least in the virtual world.

Just so you know, my father was completely against me playing games and apart from the period of time he was gone in the morning, I couldn't even get close to his computer. Even so, I can still remember the thrill I had in those short hours.

I eventually grew out of the genre and started having a knack for MOBAs, that was until I was introduced to TERA. I got my first laptop but it was devastatingly low spec. I mean, it was using an Intel HD Graphics card. For comparison's sake, it's so bad I couldn't even run Maplestory. But I still tried installing TERA anyways. Unsurprisingly enough, it was a train wreck. Pushing the graphics down a notch and setting the Model and Texture details to the lowest finally allowed me to run at an unstable 30 fps.

But... it was the most fun I had in ages and I relived the jubilation I long lost. The hours I have on steam right now doesn't amount to as much as I did back then, as I was playing from enmasse directly. The game was in it's own league and provided an enriching experience other games could not. I spent weeks playing and maxing out my various characters, while playing on the lowest graphics settings and low fps. Truth be told, this is a feat I'm no longer able to replicate in the present day. I was envious of my friends who had a powerful desktop setup, capable of playing at the highest settings. However, I was content and believed that as long as my account exists, my laptop could be upgraded at anytime.

Years passed and I finally own a solid laptop. I've grown out of TERA and seen lots of MMORPGs surpassing said title. Needless to say, I tried them all, but none of them were able to fill the void TERA left in my heart. No matter how improved the games now were compared to back then, I didn't feel a shred of anticipation or eagerness. This overwhelming sense of loss kinda left me envious of my youth. I guess somewhere along the road I lost that excitement in every aspect of my life.

I'm writing this review in commemoration of the greatness TERA once held and to give thanks for my blissful childhood. If you manage to make it this far, I thank you as well for wasting time reading this pathetic fellow's lame ass childhood tale disguised as a review, but I just wanted to let the world know what TERA meant to me as a kid. Again this is entirely subjective and I'm only basing my opinions from when I was still an adolescent.

My childhood and TERA. May you rest in peace.
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