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Steam Replay 2022
Replay 2022
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Intel Xeon = :heart13:
AMD anything = :shit:


Friend Requests

If you are not at least 18+ years of age please do not send me a friends request. I am an adult & I prefer adult friends. I am in my late 40s. No hate to each their own.

1). If you have any VAC Bans don't care why. I wont friend you.
2). If your profile is hidden. I wont friend you.
3). If you do not have any of the games I play. I wont friend you.

Games I Currently Play + or - Will Play

+ Fallout 76 (Paid Membership) - You do not have to pay to play this game after you buy it but I prefer the extras when I do like the unlimited scrap box & survival tent. I was paying by the year now I only pay when there is something interesting on the scoreboard or I just want the extra scrap box.

- Torchlight: Infinite (Free to Play)
- Path of Exile (Free to Play)
- Chicken Invaders 4
- Far Cry 3
- Far Cry 4
- Far Cry 5
- Far Cry New Dawn

-/+ Far Cry 6 I own it but I hate that they refuse to add it to steam so I refuse to play it any future or by anymore games from them. I love steam, if they don't then :shit: on them!

Trades - Not interested! I buy what I want I don't trade.

Game Share - I never do it so don't ask! I share between my accounts only & even then sometimes I just buy those same games on my alt account.18
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And its done now this season

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1,474 hrs on record
last played on Feb 7
11.4 hrs on record
last played on Jan 21
1,299 hrs on record
last played on Dec 10, 2022
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AWFordJr Feb 5 @ 4:21pm 
Just added another year of Fallout 1st to this account. I have completed this seasons scoreboard on this account & have been working on my alt steam account to clear it which is about 60% threw season now. I have 1 month of 1st on it till about the end of this month.