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Friend Requests - I do not add people to my Steam Friends who have vac bans period no questions ask. I do not care why you got banned. I do not have any interest in friending anyone under the age of 18 as I myself am in my 40's & prefer adult friends. I rarely add people to my friends list on Steam so don't be surprised if you sent a request & I say no.

Account Sharing - I never do it & never plan to, so don't ask. Same with sharing of my games. I only do that sometimes between my own accounts but generally I just buy the games I like for my alt account/s also.

Mic - I do have & most times wear my headset but because I live in an apartment building for disabled & elderly I generally do not use the mic & most times prefer not to anyway. So chances are I am not going to use it.

3rd Party Apps - You know like Discord, Roger Wilco, and so on. I don't use them & I am not going to install them for you. So don't ask, your just wasting your time & mine. If I wanted them, I would have them already.

Buying Games for Other People - I have done this in the past, but I wont do it anymore. I have literally spent $100's on game for other people who took advantage of that over the years then removed me as a friend when they couldn't get more out of me. I am not playing that game anymore. So bite me! I like to help people, but I hate to feel used.

About Me - I am disabled, and nonprofit. I own my own website which I pay for myself & have for more then 20+ years now. I game some here & there mostly on Steam but I have games other places to like Battle net, Origin, uPlay, and so on. I am divorced & have remained alone & single the past 20 years now & have no plans of changing that. I have a lot of health problems as well as some mental. I often times keep to myself.

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