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I suffer from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Type 2 Diabetes, etc... I keep to myself for a reason. I am not here to add random strangers to my friends lists nor am I looking to make friends here with anyone. I never know what kind of a mood I will be in & I am not here to ruin anyone's day. So lets just leave it at that & go our separate ways.

It is what it is!
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AWFordJr Mar 27 @ 7:06pm 
Fallout 76 - I do not know how I feel about the new season play. There are only two things I want on this season though with the main thing being the water boiler, and the other being the weapon. Otherwise I feel its a waste of time & energy but I wish I had been aware of these new changes before I added another year to fallout first as I feel I wont play it as much now because every time they try to make the game better I feel I like it less.
AWFordJr Mar 10 @ 10:30am 
Just added 1 year Fallout 1st to my main Fallout 76 account here on Steam which is good till March 10th, 2025 now. Since the new season scoreboard will be added & started soon I though I would renew. I don't much care for anything other then seasons now any way & I hate playing free.