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Hello, my name is Gabriel. I am 23 years old. My username goes by "gabrielwoj" throughout the Internet, while "Zeugziumy" is my usual In-Game Name.

I enjoy contributing in someway on Projects, Websites, and all sorts of things. My contributions vary into Unused Content in video-games, addition to information on Game Wikis (as well images and files), extraction of game files in many different games, and so on.

My three most contributed websites were, in no specific order, are: The Official Smite Wiki, The Official Team Fortress 2 Wiki and Unseen64. On Smite Wiki, I worked a lot into the game's voicelines and quotes. The TF2 Wiki I worked on a wide arrange of different areas, but mostly focused on image creation for new cosmetics. And Unseen64 was my first step into discovering and documenting about Beta and Unused Content in games.

Nowadays, I'm still contributing into some of those projects, when I have the time to do so. At the moment, I'm focusing on archiving the content featured on my Website. A lot of things I've created throughout the years are over there, as well things like profiles pictures and more. It also includes TF2 Mods that I've never had the time to publish.

A bit more about me
I am an Anime fan, I mostly enjoy Anime/Mangá artwork and fan-art more than the rest. You may have figured this out already by checking my website.

I enjoy watching MLP:FiM, and I can say I am a Brony. I've also worked myself into some vectors before, which I've shared over on my dA.

Lastly, I really enjoy fashion. If you know me, you know how much effort I put onto my TF2 loadouts. as well other games. I look forward to learn more about fashion styles and choices, as well drawing clothes and other types of accessories.

A survivor
I've been diagnosed with both Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I'm on an on-going therapy for both of the illnesses. I had a lot of difficulty on my life, and I wish that someday I can share my experiences in hopes to help others.

All I can say is that, there's hope, and I hope that things will get better on your end, too.

Friends List
Sometimes, I have the tendency of removing people from my list. There's some days that I'm just not feeling well, and I end up cutting communications for not one, but many people. I'm sorry if that was the case for you.

A letter to my past and current friends
I've met several people that are going through a lot in their lives. I've learned a lot from them, and their experiences helped me in some way too. For any friend of mine, as well people I used to talk before, I hope all the best for your lives, and I hope you can find happiness.

This goes to anyone too. If you are going through something, or you are feeling down... relax, and take a break if needed. Things will eventually get better. I hope you can achieve greatness and success in your life, as well on your way to happiness. You can do it.

If you wish to talk to me
I have Discord, however, my account is set to not receive invites from anyone. I can add you if you contact me in someway (Steam Comments, Steam Chat or elsewhere), and we can settle things out from there.

Thank you for your time in reading this. I really appreciate it.
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                                                                                                 Social Pages / Other Links
                         Trading Links                                     ┌───────────────────────────┐
┌───────────────────────────┐                        My Website [gabrielwoj.github.io]
        Backpack.tf Classifieds [backpack.tf]                            My Blog [gabrielwoj.tumblr.com]
         Marketplace.tf Shop [marketplace.tf]                                     My Twitter [twitter.com]
                Bazaar.tf Profile [bazaar.tf]                                             My Reddit [reddit.com]
└───────────────────────────┘             Steam Gifts & Gifters List [docs.google.com]
                                                                             List of Misc. Websites that I am in [gabrielwoj.github.io]

My Website is my GitHub Pages website which includes content I've created to use in Steam, in games, or stuff for computers or mobile. Most of content I've created in form of avatars, game files, game skins and so on, are available there. There's a diverse amount of different types of images and files, be sure to check it out!

The website's function as an archival of my created files, as well a way to credit the original artists behind every avatar or content I've used with their image, including not only the original image source, but as well their portfolio link, so if you enjoy an artist in specific, be sure to check their other artworks!

I post updates related to works of mine on my Blog, updates for my website, new things that were added to my website, new type of content, picture of Game Mods, and so on. My blog is also a place where I can share more about my life, as well more things about myself... things I've been through, and challenges I've conquered. See you there!

Both my Twitter and Reddit links are available, but I don't use them much. You may want to visit and take a look on what I posted, but really, that's it. Who knows, I may end up posting something here and there.


Note: When I'm playing Team Fortress 2 (& Overwatch), I keep both the chat and voice communications disabled by default. If you are talking to me in-game, and I don't reply, that's why.

                                  Me on Other Websites
                                 Links                                                                            Wikis
   ┌───────────────────────────┐         ┌────────────────────────────┐
     Youtube Channel                                                     Official TF2 Wiki
     (General videos, music extensions, etc.)              (14,104 total edits) (4,526 files uploaded)
     Twitch Channel [twitch.tv]                                        Official Smite Wiki [smite.gamepedia.com]
     (---)                                                                             (85,705 total edits) (42,600 files uploaded)
     Twitch VODs                                                             Official Paladins Wiki [paladins.gamepedia.com]
     (Full Streams from my Twitch Channel)                (13,591 total edits) (7,050 files uploaded)
     osu!replays                                                               HotS Wiki [heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com]
     (Replays from osu! beatmaps) [Any modes]        (1,884 total edits) (1,617 files uploaded)
     Overwatch Highlights                                              Overwatch Wiki [overwatch.gamepedia.com]
     (Highlights recorded from Overwatch)                  (488 total edits) (262 files uploaded)
     DeviantArt [gabrielwoj.deviantart.com]                         Wikipedia Profile [en.wikipedia.org]
     (70 submissions)                                                     (9 total edits) (0 files uploaded)
   └───────────────────────────┘         └────────────────────────────┘
                   Games and Game Stats                                                      Game Rips
   ┌───────────────────────────┐         ┌────────────────────────────┐
     Overwatch [masteroverwatch.com]                             Spriters Resource [www.spriters-resource.com]
     (BattleTag: Zeugziumy#1804)                                 (192 sheets) (23 games)
     Paladins [masterpaladins.com]                                   Sounds Resource [www.sounds-resource.com]
     (In-Game Name: Zeugziumy)                                  (132 sound packs) (20 games)
     osu! [osu.ppy.sh]                                                       Textures Resource [www.textures-resource.com]
     (---)                                                                             (40 texture packs) (5 games)
     Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp                             Mario Fan Games Galaxy (MFGG) [mfgg.net]
     (ID: 8458 9926 986)                                                  (110 submissions)
   └───────────────────────────┘         └────────────────────────────┘
                                                                                                           Unused/Beta Content
                            Game Mods                                      ┌────────────────────────────┐
   ┌───────────────────────────┐           Unseen64 [www.unseen64.net]
     Gamebanana [gamebanana.com]                                (30 contributed articles)
     (593 submissions) (19 medals)                               The Cutting Room Floor (TCRF) [tcrf.net]
   └───────────────────────────┘           (352 total edits) (249 files uploaded)

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D'Taygo Nov 19 @ 11:59am 
hello there,i had decided to lookie at your profile,you are pretty cool and amazing in your own way,id like to be friends with ya if youd like,i have a discord as well
Dr.Luxray Oct 18 @ 8:43am 
Awww dang. Thanks for telling me ^^
VjDoffe Oct 8 @ 10:26pm 
Ty for correcting me :)
Sweaty Soccer Skin Oct 4 @ 6:10pm 
+rep thanks for the information
Namaiki - B-Day 11/27 Sep 19 @ 3:03pm 
Hey. I won't be able to trade until like 11:05 my time. So We could make the trade tomorrow.
Mr. Rod. Rurouni. Sep 17 @ 1:15pm 
Me lembrei! Você fez pra mim uns sprays personalizados, muito bons por sinal, obrigado pela lembrança. =]