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How I got the Wiki Cap
I have done several different things on the Wiki, ranging from small edits to retain consistency throughout the Wiki, translating a few things to pt-br at the very start of my Wiki "career", improving pages by adding interesting Trivia (mostly regarding hidden things inside the game files/textures), as well adding Bugs and Unused content.

I didn't really proceed into translating stuff. My main contributions were related to image work. I have made and uploaded so many images on this Wiki. Ranging from weapon previews, classes wearing cosmetics, paint variant tables, styles, 3D images used in weapon pages (as well the Soldier page), Item icons used on cosmetic tables (those neat looking angled cosmetic icons) and all sorts of miscellaneous types of imagery.

I have compiled nearly every image I have ever created/uploaded to this page:
https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/User:Gabrielwoj/Images (53.4mb page)
[Be careful visiting it if you use a limited bandwidth]

In total, I have uploaded 24.351 images/files to the Wiki, 8.993 of them being new creations (newly added images that weren't improved based on old revisions). As far as contributions in general go, I have made 42.280 contributions to the Wiki.

I got the Wiki Cap on April 4, 2015, but despite this, I still contributed it heavily after. In fact, all the Item icons I uploaded were made post-Wiki Cap acquisition.

And I also helped four (or five) more people getting their Wiki Caps on image creation as well.

Information last updated in: September 09, 2023.
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Note: The items from above / below are not actually for trade. These are items I received as gifts.

As of March 11, 2023, I am no longer using fan-artworks as profile pictures, decals, sprays, etc.
Some of my older friends on Steam probably know that I was someone who used to change my profile picture and sprays quite often, as well having some decals on TF2 with artwork by fan-artists on them. I have met a couple people who doesn't use fan-art on their avatars, and well, now I'll be doing the same. I have started thinking that it could feel disingenuous for using other artist's artwork without actually asking them if I can use them for myself beforehand.

So, nowadays, I will be more careful in what artworks I set as profile pictures, sprays, and so on, not just on Steam, but on the Internet in general. I will be switching from fan-art to actual official media, such as screenshots of an anime, a cartoon, a game, an official drawing, and so on. This, of course, also applies to my own work on the Model Viewer for TF2, both because it's from a game, and that it's my work too. I may also go with anything I may drew.

I will only use fan-art from now on if only it's marked as "free icon" on Pixiv, and by following the guidelines (if presented) on said submission on Pixiv. If I get permission to use the art from an artist that hasn't set the "free icon" tag, then I may use it as well, and I will compile a list / website with each one (detailing the character, the artist's name, and source, but not actually having the avatar itself on the website), or, if the artist has a clear message on their bio or anywhere on their profiles that states that their artwork can be used by others.

The list / website can be found here: https://gabrielwoj.github.io/credits-info/main

Game elements, such as sprites, background elements, basically any sort of official art found within a game, may also be used, as it falls under the "official artwork" criteria. Profile pictures uploaded by developers / publishers for Steam games may also be used under this criteria
( Steam Game Avatars ), as well the Animated Avatars from the Points Shop .

My Conscientious Objectors in TF2 hasn't been sold, as I have decided to keep them in a separate alt account (alongside a few other decalable items that aren't the Objector), as opposed to sell them with the images intact (or by selling them after restoring to their original form, with no decal). In the future, I may ask certain artists if it's okay to use their artworks and if they are okay to have their artwork on a "weapon" in a game.

I have not finished the process of changing all profile pictures on the Internet, as I'm in many places. A good chunk of places that I'm often present have their stuff already changed. And finally, I know many people on the Internet don't really care about using fan-art without asking the original creators first. I was one of these people too, just like I mentioned on the first paragraph, I used to have several profile pictures taken directly from fan-art too. This was a realization that I had in 2023.

And, I just want to mention that, no, I won't be going after people who uses fanart without artist's permission, or even without their credit somewhere in their profiles and bios. This was a thing I decided to do it myself. I would never go around demanding people doing the same thing that I'm doing. Also, I won't judge you for doing so, either. Again, this was a personal thing for myself. I just want to make that clear.

For any artists who I may have used their fan-artwork in the past without their permission or that weren't marked as "free use", I am sorry. Hopefully that won't happen again from now on.
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Q: Where does your nickname come from?
Years ago, I was creating a character in an MMORPG, and I didn't knew what to use as a name. I asked a friend of mine for any ideas, and he suggested "Zeugziumy". However, he has no idea where that came from, it was just something random that came from his mind.

"Zeug" in German means "thing", but that's just coincidence. Another friend of mine said that "Zeugziumy" looks like a German variation of "thingamajig", I gotta have to agree with him.

Q: I thought your nickname was "Gabrielwoj"
Indeed it was. Nowadays, I keep "Zeugziumy" for in-game related services or in-game names, and "Gabrielwoj" for other websites, like Wikis and whatnot.

Note: My Steam custom URL is id/Zeugziumy/ . The person with the id/gabrielwoj/ URL is not me. Previously, I had the gabrielwoj custom URL, however, there was a time where I temporarily set it to Zeugziumy , and by that time, someone else took the custom URL. But I think it's easier for people to find me on Steam if they see me in-game, in someone's screenshot or something.

I don't think the current person using said custom URL is looking for any trouble, it was just a coincidence. So please don't go out of your way in talking to this person... besides, I'm keeping the Zeugziumy URL regardless.

Additionally, the Twitter user known as "@GabrielWoj" is not me. Mine's called "@Zeugziumy".

Q: What custom HUD do you use in TF2?
I use a modified version of Isaac Hud [huds.tf], which I modified myself. This modified version is currently not available to download, sorry! I also don't know if I require asking the original author of the HUD before sharing my modified version.

Q: Why do you have so many TF2 weapons that you gifted yourself?
I use a console command ( tf_item_selection_panel_sort_type 2 ), that sorts my items as the same order as in my backpack (when I'm equipping something). However, it's not perfect, as, for some reason, some items just go at the very end of the selection menu (including the Quick Switch menu)... a way around this was gifting myself these weapons.

This makes it easier to equip weapons in the Quick Switch since I have over 50 Conscientious Objectors and it was a mess equipping other Melee weapons with the default sorting (ordered by the time you acquired or modified an item).

This console command does not save when you exit and launch the game, so you need to put on your autoexec.cfg .

Q: How do you organize your cosmetics in your TF2 backpack?
On Pages 10 through 20, I organize each corner with certain criteria:

The items on the...
...Top Left are items I got it myself;
...Top Right are items I got it myself that includes a Custom Name and/or a Custom Description.
...Bottom Left are items I crafted;
...Bottom Right are items I received as gifts by generous friends and other generous players.

Q: What is on Page 40 through 43 on your TF2 backpack?
These are items I received from Secret Saxtons, as well Giftapults. I keep every weapon I received as a gift here, and I don't sell them or turn them into metal.

I keep cosmetics received from either items on my backpack as well, but those are kept on each class page instead (pages 10 through 20).

Q: Can you help me with X, Y or Z on the TF2Wiki or HLMV?
For HLMV, please check this guide I made: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/User:Gabrielwoj/HLMV_Setup_Help_and_Tricks

As for the Wiki, as mentioned before, I am no longer actively contributing there, which also means I can't help individuals regarding Wiki and HLMV questions, sorry.

Q: How do you have transparent profiles pictures?
Sometimes, I use profile pictures that look like they are transparent. For example, this one: https://i.imgur.com/LetUMDt.png

However, they aren't actually transparent because Steam doesn't support that. Even if you upload a transparent profile picture on Steam, Steam will make the transparent part black, as any avatar you upload is automatically turned into a .jpg, which doesn't support transparency.

Instead... the background for these avatars are in the same color and gradient as the borders of your status on Steam (blue for Online, green for In-Game, etc.). I have made this Imgur album where you can use them, provided you know how to use layers in programs like Paint. NET and whatnot: https://imgur.com/a/nnshbDv

Q: Is it true that you have autism?
Yes it is. I was diagnosed back in 2021. Some of my friends may notice some of my behavior that is associated to it, a common one being hyperfixation. It's also probably the reason as to why I tend to over explain things, even the simplest ones, resulting in me writing lengthy messages.

That's probably also why I have a tendency of cleaning up my Friends List from time to time (not only on Steam but in other places too). Sorry for removing and adding people more than once, in case that ends up happening to you.

I'm also very mentally clumsy.
Favorite Things / Things I Like
Favorite games (Excluding TF2): Child of Light, MOTHER 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles.

Fan of: Anime characters², My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Team Fortress 2 and Touhou.
² I don't watch Anime, but I am fan of several Anime characters, and I like the overall art-style used in Animes and Mangás.

Characters that I like:
Coco Pommel, Fluttershy, March Gustysnows, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle ( MLP:FiM );
Hieda no Akyuu, Kogasa Tatara, Letty Whiterock, Rinnosuke Morichika ( Touhou Project );
Abby Sciuto ( NCIS );
Astolfo ( Fate/Grand Order );
Banjo & Kazooie ( Banjo-Kazooie ); I prefer Banjo-Tooie (the sequel) over Banjo-Kazooie.
Care A / Care B / Care NLM ( Petscop );
Dawn / Hikari ( Pokémon );
Draculaura ( Monster High );
Felix Argyle ( Re:ZERO );
Irisu Kyouko ( Irisu Syndrome! );
Madotsuki ( Yume Nikki );
Sailor Mercury ( Sailor Moon );
Venti ( Genshin Impact ).

Favorite Touhou OST: Imperishable Night ( Touhou 8 ).
Favorite Touhou Songs:
Eternal Shrine Maiden
(Levels 1-4 / Hell Levels 16-19 Theme) [Touhou 1];
Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess (Kaguya Houraisan's Theme) [Touhou 8 Ver.];
Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind (Byakuren Hijiri's Theme) [Touhou 12 Ver.].
Catastrophe in Bhavaagra ~ Wonderful Heaven (Tenshi Hinanawi's Theme) [Touhou 15.5 Ver.];

食用系少女 ( Steam Market link ) is the closest thing to a Letty Whiterock Steam profile background.
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A technical & advanced guide to disable decals from downloading by editing a certain file on your PC. In theory, this should always work.

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