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Mus "Yeah I Vape" Poipole   Australian Capital Territory, Australia
This is my one & only account. Just post below if you're trying to sell me your inventory, unusual or want to see how much in pure I'll sell something. Other than that, you'll get a much better response through trade offer.

TF2) Oh god, why did I decide to only main Pyro 10 years & still underpowered in comp :blissful_creep:
Shovel Knight) I wish more game developers has passion as these guys :happy_creep:
Rabi Ribi) Bought for the fan service, stayed for the actual game :wat_creep:
Awesomenauts) Romino, I really want to like you guys but you keep zorking up every great opportunity. FIX your zorking matchmaking system & stop pairing me people who don't know how to play 80% when I solo queue :angry_creep:
UnderTale) "teh fandom iz bad, ther4 ta geam is". Fandoms =/= How terrible something is. :nonplussed_creep:
YS Series) Now that's a JRPG series! :mean_creep:
Crypt of the Necrodancer) I don't know how...Look, it just works! :yawning_creep:
Pokemon) Nintendo...Just buff the ones I use & nerf the ones I don't use, yeah? :calm_creep:
Shantae) I need more girls with purple hair in my life. :sad_creep:
Sonic Mania) Super hyped, super cucked from buying. Thanks SEGA for the DRM malware :black:
Cuphead : Worth the weight ~ Gabe Newell
Bayonetta ) Being bad has never felt so good VS you've been naughty :megamagiclolli:
SmashUltimate : The gameplay was finally done right. Shame about the online.
CrossCode : Lea! Hi!

RAGEie: also i noticed that you got like 5 copies of skyrim. i just imagine you like f*cking got this game m8 you want a good r8 m8?
ĔлigмД.t✖t #I'mDiggingIt: Nah, I wanted it so I could pay for the mods :bbtraccoon:

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:yellowmoonlolli: Marketplace [marketplace.tf]
:bloodroselolli: Backpack [backpack.tf]
:purplemagiclolli: Buying TF2 inventories [forums.backpack.tf] (have spent $12,000usd on tf2 invs)
:greenherblolli: My Rep [backpack.tf]
:megamagiclolli: Trade offer

Q: Do you have impersonators?
A: Yes, I do.
:megamanshoot: Check to see if the ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t you're trading with has lvl 160 profile + 5500 hours in tf2
:megamanshoot: This is my one & only account (my trade offer is on my profile...)
:megamanshoot: I will NEVER ADD YOU ON DISCORD unless you ask me to
:megamanshoot: If you leave a comment on my profile, beware of my impersonators adding you

Q: Can I add you? :happy_creep:
A: If it's for trading purpose, you'll get more of a response through trade offers. If you're adding me for trading reason, leave a comment & please try to be clear as possible.

:black:Added to trade/discuss -> this is ambiguous
:correctamundo:Added to trade/discuss about X -> aim for this
:correctamundo:Added to check up on X -> this is fine

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Added to sell keys
Lacrimosa tf2hunt.com 6 hours ago 
Hi, selling keys.
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added to offer on pe winter woodsman
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plz accept the trade offer
Bay Kebab I 21 hours ago 
Added to buy strange painted cotton head
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