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This game is hard to rate by 1 to 10 scale and just by "recommend" and "don't recommend" cause it is very peculiar.

The game itself is a continuation of previously console exclusive Drakengard series and its "branch" Nier. This is a 3-rd person slasher with shooter, platformer and sometimes top-down elements, cause camera sometimes switched to different angles and we get "new experience".

The plot is twisted and told in quite unsual form. I think for you it would be enough to know that 8000 years passed since the last game and to get all story piece you have to complete the game 3 times (dont tell me thats a lot, for original Nier you had to replay it whole 25 times). Neverheless, each of every 3 playthroughs is a go with a new character and glance at the story from a different perspective.

And not to linger with the review, cause most of modern gamers dont like to read more than 200 words in a review, I would say: if you like japanese games and their style, ready to spend 30-40 hours on all 3 playthroughs and you dont get irritated by this whole japanse culture - the game is for you. I, personally, have enjoyed and really loved it.

P.S. The game is in english only, which can be a problem for foreign people but I think there will be at least unofficial translations at some point.
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