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The one and only Althis. I love working with teams on co-op games.

Feel free to message me! Join me on TeamSpeak, just ask for the information. I always welcome newcomers.
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In the end, the real ghost was us all along
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== PROJECT OVERVIEW: The project started as "Deep Underwater Transport/Cargo Heavy Submarine", or Dutch. Like the Duchess, this submarine was designed to be a self-sufficient mobile home base. Equipped with fabricators, deconstructors, a full medical room,
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Created by - Althis and supertanker13
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10 / 10, would accidentally watch as my Reactor Engineer recreates Chernobyl inside a submarine at soul-crushing depths.

Barotrauma is a team-based submarine simulator. You play one of the crew that has to survive the horrors of the depths of the oceans of Europa. Anything can go wrong in the dark, and each person must play their role to get to the end of the run. This game can be creepy, but uplifting; exciting, and horrifying; triumphant, and sad when you watch the last remaining crew member struggle to fix the ship and reach the goal.

Once you get tired of the base subs, the sub designer is robust -- although complicated. I spend most of my time designing submarines for my friends to drown in. When your sub is finally able to be used, it feels incredibly satisfying.

Overall, Barotrauma needs a team to be fun. If you can get your regular crew to embark into the depths, you will find many hours of screams to be had. I recommend it.
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