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My name is Logan "TimeLierG" Eberly, I'm a furry purple fox deer and a spiritual Therian that likes to create games, draw art, stream games, love my eternally with me husband Wolfie, and read old internet stuff. If you'd like to know more about my interests check my other stuff online or down below.

I have my own site with the same name as my own that has boards for games, art, cosplay, and you can access my own games there, it is inspired by early 2000s internet so be prepared for nostalgia. It was made for furries but non-furs are welcome too.

:lunar2020playfuldog: Links to some of my stuff.

:summer2019city: My site. [www.timelierg.com]

:summer2019city: My Youtube channel.

:summer2019city: My Twitter profile.

:summer2019city: My Newgrounds profile. [timelierg.newgrounds.com]

:summer2019city: My Tumblr. [timelierg.tumblr.com]

:summer2019city: My DeviantArt profile. [www.deviantart.com]

:summer2019city: My Bitchute channel. [www.bitchute.com]

:summer2019city: My Discord server. [discord.gg]

:summer2019city: Some safe photos of me. [imgur.com]

:lunar2020hearteyesrabbit: My purple fox deer fursona is original by me, as it is my spiritual form I take on in the Afterlife spiritually.

Born on August 30th, 1997.

My favorite games include RuneScape 2 (2005-2006), Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast), Nights into Dreams, Sonic Gems / Mega Collection, Dark Souls, Pkmn Platinum / Colosseum, Team Fortress 2.
More of My Bio.
:summer2019city: My 2nd Youtube channel.

:summer2019city: My backpack.tf. [backpack.tf]

:summer2019city: My Gamebanana. [gamebanana.com]

:summer2019city: My GameFaqs. [gamefaqs.gamespot.com]

:summer2019city: My Picarto. [picarto.tv]

:summer2019city: My Guilded profile. [www.guilded.gg]

:summer2019city: My BSky [bsky.app]

Furcadia Name: Greilemit

SecondLife: TimeLierG [my.secondlife.com]

MC Name: TimeLierG [namemc.com]

My MC Server: TimeLierG Companions MC [www.planetminecraft.com]

My Roblox: TimeLierG [www.roblox.com]

Pkmn Unite Trainer Code: 3680FMP

FFXIV: Timelierg Eberly [na.finalfantasyxiv.com]

:lunar2020halodragon: My RS characters. I stream and upload all of my progress, the same can be said for all other online games I play! I don't play RS much anymore.

OSRS / RS3 - TimeLierG (OSRS Old HCIM / Ironman / Main)
OSRS - AmyRose
OSRS - AntleredFox - (1 Def HCIM Pure)
RS3 - (One of my old characters from 2005-2006) - TimeLierG3

:lunar2020halodragon: My WoW characters.
Greilemit [worldofwarcraft.com] (Hunter, Vulpera)
Timelierg [worldofwarcraft.com] (Shadow Priest, Pandaren.)

My wayback archive profile: TimeLierG [archive.org]

I archive all of my stuff online, if one or more of my profiles, sites, or characters go down just use wayback or other archives to see it. Feel free to archive stuff yourself if you want.

:summer2019city: Want to help me out?

My Ko-fi [ko-fi.com]
My Patreon [www.patreon.com]

:summer2019city: My favorite streams I've done, which mostly consist of my favorite games / series from childhood like Sonic and RS:

Sonic Adventure DX 100% Streamthrough - 2019.
Sonic Championship / the Fighters - Jun 13, 2019.
Sonic R 100% - October 31, 2020.
Sonic 3D Blast 100% (Genesis) - Nov 23, 2020.
Deltarune Blind Streamthrough - Nov. 9th, 2018.
Dark Souls Bonewheel Shield only run - Nov 2, 2018.
All of my RuneScape streams, RSC, RS2, OSRS.
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Just got a new Honey shirt.
Featured Artwork Showcase
I finally obtained the GC Software eCatalog Enjoy Plus-ban disc.
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Art of myself again.
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Me being lazy.
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It's me, TimeLierG the Fox Deer, except in SADX.
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Metal Sonic Suit and Tails Tails. Got the suit and mask from the discontinued Sonic CD promotion in 2013, Tails Tails I got more recently.
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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: How to Get Maria's Theme
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SADX Mod: TimeLierG the Fox Deer
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Welcome to TimeLierG Companions. www.TimeLierG.com
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I thought after years of using this software I'd finally post a review on it, I have tried other RPG Maker versions but out of any of them I prefer RPG Maker VX Ace the most. From the four years I have used this I've never once had any issues, bugs, or errors and was overall quite the enjoyable experience, I would highly recommend this if you wish for an easier experience when creating an RPG as it is extremely easy to use and importing your own sprites or work to it is a few second process.
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Do you know me from there? :lilac:
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Boop Aug 1, 2023 @ 12:11pm 
Finally, I've met someone normal on 4chan.
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Who are you and what do you need?
Stevey The Ex-Eevee Jul 4, 2023 @ 5:26am 
because unless the jewish faith is drastically different from every other one. I'm sure it'll teach you something about morality, forgiveness, self reflection and improvement and not just being an awful person and hoping that you "believei n god" will get you into the afterlife.

i cant even think of a religion that does that, except some crazy christians i've spoke too that want to commit genocide against trans people.