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My name is Logan "TimeLierG" Eberly, I'm a furry purple fox that likes to create games, draw art, stream older games, love my eternally with me husband Wolfie, and read old internet stuff. If you'd like to know more about my interests check my other stuff online or down below.

I have my own site with the same name as my own that has boards for games, art, cosplay, and you can access my own games there, it is inspired by early 2000s internet so be prepared for nostalgia. It was made for furries but non-furs are welcome too.

:lunar2020playfuldog: Links to some of my stuff.

:summer2019city: My website and archive. [www.timelierg.com]

:summer2019city: My Youtube channel.

:summer2019city: My Bitchute channel. [www.bitchute.com]

:summer2019city: My Newgrounds profile. [timelierg.newgrounds.com]

:summer2019city: My Discord server. [discord.gg]

:summer2019city: My Furiffic profile. [www.furiffic.com]

:summer2019city: My Twitter.

:summer2019city: Photos of me / my Fursona. [imgur.com]

:summer2019city: Can't post my e6 profile here, but I'm TimeLierG on there as well.

:lunar2020hearteyesrabbit: My purple fox fursona is original by me.

:lunar2020halodragon: Born on August 30th, 1997.

My favorite games include RuneScape 2 (2005-2006), Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast), Nights into Dreams, Dark Souls, Team Fortress 2 and Persona 3.
More of My Bio.
:lunar2020halodragon: My backpack.tf. [backpack.tf]

Furcadia Name: Greilemit

SecondLife: TimeLierG [my.secondlife.com]

MC Name: TimeLierG [namemc.com]

PlanetMC: TimeLierG [www.planetminecraft.com]

Pkmn Unite Trainer Code: 3680FMP

My RS characters, I stream and upload all of my progress! (As of March 2022 I have quit the official OSRS / RS3 due to the games becoming easier and for an event being released similar to what they did in 2017.)

OSRS / RS3 - (OSRS Ironman / Main) - TimeLierG
OSRS - AmyRose
RS3 - (My Childhood Account 2005-2006) - TimeLierG3
RSCVanilla / RSCDynasty / Scape05 / Vidyascape - TimeLierG

My wayback archive profile: TimeLierG [archive.org]
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My new haircut.
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Checking on me and my husband Wolfie's chao again.
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Metal Sonic Suit and Tails Tails. Got the suit and mask from the discontinued Sonic CD promotion in 2013, Tails Tails I got more recently.
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TimeLierG Fursona Update.
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Welcome to TimeLierG Companions. www.TimeLierG.com
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I love this game! Cute character, excellent animations, very short but it has a good amount of variety. Reminds me of old flash games I used to play when I was younger. I appreciate the endless mode as well. I highly recommend if you are also a fellow foot person.
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Our new TimeLierG Companions mascot, Pan!

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Jesus Christ Jan 17 @ 2:12am 
Here is another gem from my country, so you'll say better things about it next you you encouter someone from it (:
SamTheMan Jul 10, 2021 @ 9:59am 
Thank you for the gift! Very kind of you.
🦂Lobo | Wolfie🐺 Jun 30, 2021 @ 10:24am 
cut off right nipple May 20, 2021 @ 5:51pm 
oh awesome thanks
TimeLierG May 19, 2021 @ 10:27pm 
cut off right nipple May 19, 2021 @ 9:46pm 
Would you take 10 keys on the Miami Nights Geisha Boy?