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Welcome to my profile. I don't know why you're here but I'm sure you do. Leave a comment before adding me so I know who you are.


Im on almost all the time, its hard to get me off my computer, I always have my phone on me however so you can always get ahold of me via Steam Mobile.

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"21:22:54 - NULL Lieutenant Komrk rips privates out"
"I do not know what i'm sorry for, but I am sorry" - Dyre 2K17
"Religion is like a penis. It's perfectly ok to have one, even be proud of it. It is not ok to whip it out and wave it in peoples faces uninvited." - Maxwell
"Wanna see my girlfriend (Anime Thighs)" - Wells
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Thanks for adding my map! I hope to see what the map will be used for! :3
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Nathan told me to add you.
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NORDIC IS BETTER THEN WELLS <33333333333333333333333
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