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Any and all possible art I use is probably not mine, at least for a profile picture. Artworks posted in my artwork section are done for me or by me.

Been a gamer pretty much my whole life. I've really gotten into PC gaming, mostly due to close Friends. Along the way though, I've met some great people, and then I've met those that i could have gone without meeting.

You can find my Art Here: http://epicriolu.deviantart.com/ Don't expect much here, but there may be the occasional picture here.

Also, Yea, I'm a Brony. Got a problem with that? Then don't stick around, or you can 'man up' and tell me why you have a problem with it.

Names I have gone by (to name a few): EpicRiolu, Zane the Riolu/Lucario, Step Quick, Prince Asi Dreamurr, Crystal Caelestis, Queen of Love, Nick Wilde, Dust, Calamity.

So, it's come to my attention that I may need to actually state a few rules here, simply because these are things I can't stand. If I see you with a depressive name, or a depressive picture, I can and quite possibly will remove you. If it's a first time offense, I may try to talk it out with you, but if it gets to be a problem where you are constantly doing that, then I'm sorry. If you were truly sad and "dont want to be disturbed", you wouldnt make your name a big bloody beacon saying something is wrong.

Awesome/Funny Quotes from Amazing people:

10:53 PM - Kawaii Douchebag: true, because you ran faster then sanic, had more health than a final fantasy boss, and killed quicker than a lumberjack with the world's largest axe.

(now in reference to Viscera)
12:53 PM - Kawaii Douchebag: i assume ou like to try to clean?
12:54 PM - Steppy Weppy™: Try being the operative word here. I do get sidetracked myself, dont get me wrong there. But it is annoying when you clean an area, then a friend marches through with bloody footprints and a body, then drops the body and walks away
12:55 PM - Kawaii Douchebag: "your job now, im gonna go play football with someone's head"
12:56 PM - Steppy Weppy™: there's some things you don't expect to see/hear, and that's certainly one of them.
12:56 PM - Kawaii Douchebag: XD

1:43 PM - Édward Félix Phillips™: my dear friend this isn't a drug deal you don't have to wear a hood with a bandanna and sunglasses and ask if you got the stuff

1:56 PM - Queen Dimorphia: My teacher just learned not to say 420 in a class of gamers/artist because like 10 of them said blaze it
1:57 PM - Prince Asi Dreamurr: Oh my fucking god. Don't know what I'm more surprised about though, the fact that 10 students did that, or that a teacher didn't know about that one.
1:58 PM - Queen Dimorphia: He actually knew it he is kinda nerdy and he took the risk and said welp time to get the doritos and mountain dew
1:59 PM - Prince Asi Dreamurr: OK, that's better then lol

*in game chat stuff*
Color: Don't care you killed me with a damn *insert wrong candy here*
Me: *lollipop*
Color: I don't care
Me: Get your damn candies straight! Or at least, straighter than you :3

10:31 PM - Retard Question: Renard: Whats the HanzVaulter?
10:34 PM - Prince Asi Dreamurr: A German Scientist who likes to say, "Have some Gas!"
10:34 PM - Retard Question: Sounds like a Taco bell worker

1:35 AM - Bandetto: like fuuuuuuuuuuuuck
1:38 AM - Bandetto: that moment your so badass
1:39 AM - Prince Asi Dreamurr: lolwut
1:39 AM - Bandetto: lIKE FUCK PHYSICS MAN
1:39 AM - Bandetto: Ima just bitch slap that laser, it don't touch me
1:40 AM - Bandetto: Little punk bitch needs to know who he's being shot at
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