Spawn of Totoro
If you can not post it on my profile, chances are I can not help you.
Sorry, no friends requests.
Report post by the flag in the upper right of the post. I will delete any further reports that make it onto my profile. I will not discuss your bans here either.

For any other question, please watch:
Web_Kitto 8 hours ago 
Spawn of Totoro 10 hours ago 
That is a support issue. Moderators can only help with the forums.
adha 15 hours ago 
@spawn can you remove this account

because this account has been hacked for a long time

so I want you to permanently delete this account.

they use my real name without my permission.
Web_Kitto 21 hours ago 
Ah that's kinda sad since I always had A feeling aboutme doing false reports but they seems like a report is needed for example begging wrong forum and naming and shaming
cSg|mc-Hotsauce 21 hours ago 
Spawn of Totoro 21 hours ago