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Spawn of Totoro 12 hours ago 
Yet the Meme is in the lead.
Team :summer2019hare: ftw!
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You too! Have fun!
Alright, fair enough. Have a nice day, Totoro.
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I tend to avoid cosmetic giveaways as they are usually advertised by others in the game's game hub.
Not sure if this counts as something to put in the giveaway thread, since it's free dlc for a paid game, but I'll inform you anyway:

In Payday 2, you can acquire the Alienware Alpha mask, the Mega Sydney mask, and the Paydaycon 2015/2016 masks by following specific paths in this website:

These masks were originally only given away with codes. Although the website will remain playable for the long term, the codes will last until the end of the Steam summer sale, or if the dlc codes somehow sell out before then.