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I mainly make stuff for Cities: Skylines.
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New META for citybuilders
It's simply the best of it's genre.

It got the best of Sim City 4 Rush Hour gameplay & Simcity grafics, and as bonus the Steam Workshop for mods.
  • Full Price - "Yes please!"
  • Discount - "MUST HAVE"

They are not required to be able to enjoy this game. Some of them are game changing and worth getting if you enjoy the game.

These are the ones worth getting and you should prioritize to get first:
  • Industries
  • Parklife
  • Green Cities
  • Mass Transit
  • Natural Disasters
  • Snowfall
  • After Dark

NOTE: The game will make you forget about your coffee. (Coffee were harmed in the playing of this game.)
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Unsub everything from the Workshop with a 1 click. Remove everything in-game or in-steam, with no extra installations or downloads.
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[h1] All you need to get started. [/h1]
This list has the basic mods so you get the very best out of the game.
After you subcribed to the hole list you can start adding your favorite props, assets etc.

[h1] Collection is MAINTAINE
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Created by - Scorpidoo
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Zaqrin Feb 17, 2015 @ 8:13am 
Ska fixa controller till helgen så jag kan spela Just Cause 2 också. Får spela det tillsammans nån gång sen :D