sup dawgs!

Ex-CS1.5 harcore fan, and Pure Pwnage veteran my interrests have changed quite a bit recently.

I like:
● Visual Novels
    Ever 17 / Tsukihime / Fate/Stay Night / Hanachirasu / etc.
● Rythm games
    IIDX beatmania / Dance Dance Revolution / Osu!
● Zombie games
    Zombie Panic! / L4D
● Minecraft
Reading books at work (≡^ω^≡)
● An awesome dude called ᵀᵃᶜᵗᶦᶜᵃˡ fʳᵉᵃᵏ []
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NEOn00b Save Scavenger
I have created a save manager for the game NEO Scavenger . Because Ima n00b ass prick that dies too much. And also because the game doesn't auto save! So I was pissed and created this.
It only works for the Steam version, for now.

Check this out there [].
Review Showcase
I'm reviewing the real game here instead of the demo.
I played the full game "at a friend's" and since I do not own it on steam, I can only write a review for the demo instead.

Let me start that I am now considered being an old fart.
I played the original Resident Evils when I was a kid. RE1, then RE2, then RE3 then code Veronica. I stopped there as the RE4 was a fat shìtstaìn in my opinion, which stole the story line of the RE series to make a new type of game. Felt like a cheap move to me. Especially there was no T-Virus.
I didn't like that, but I still enjoyed the RE4/5 type games for what they were, thinking of them as "spinoffs" of the original RE series. Also, I always preferred the Silent Hill series to the Resident Evil one as the latter feels more arcadish than SH.

That said...

RE7 shines on multiple aspects

First, I think the graphics are quite awesome.
It's not just the polygons count, it's also the various techs used like volumetric lights, SSAO, and most of all: the color space. Yes, the colors.
Sometimes, when going into certain areas of the game, the white balance would change as well as the color space. Some areas would become to warmer or colder to give different vibes.
Not only that, the game uses a photorealistic color space which makes the game stunning.
If you are interested in this, check this article[] out about how to make photorealism renders on Blender.
I believe RE7 is a text book application of good color space use.

Second, the sounds.
There are a thousands of little sounds, like clothing shuffling, footsteps on different materials, bullet casings hitting the ground, etc. All of these will make you startle yourself on more than one occasion. It contributes a lot to the realism of the game.

Third, classical gameplay.
I could see myself playing the very first RE.
Grab that key, and you know the game will spawn new monsters. For each puzzle being solved, you know that shìt is going down soon. So I backtrack, loot more, save, and grab that item that I know will unlock my progress. It is old school, predictable, but it is still very challenging.

Fourth, the difficulty.
I played the 1st time on Madhouse difficulty, with some extra coins from DLCs.
The game is hard man, very hard. Feels like the same difficulty as in RE1. Maybe a bit harder, or I'm just getting old. When you have to use your knife because that's what you still got left, but still manage to survive, then you know the game pushes far enough the difficulty.

Fifth, replayability.
There's a ton of shìt to unlock in the game.
Achievements, speed runs to unlock special items, new characters, and extra bonus games. I finished the game in 10 hours, trying to scavenge as much as I could and died around 40 times. It is a solid length for a single player game. The firsts RE were actually shorter.

Finally, I personally didn't notice the game was 1st person shooter.
And honestly, I think it's better than the more traditional fixed camera view 3rd person shooter.
You can see more details that way, and the game is more immersive.

Now, there are a few things I personally didn't like

The first half of the game is closer to Outlast than of a Resident Evil game.
Some bosses roam around the house and you can't put them down. I thought they were like the good old Tyrants, and that with a bit of efforts they could be killed. Nope, don't even try, it's a waste of ammo and time.

Then the game feels sometimes closer to Silent Hill in the general atmosphere than RE.
Mostly because of the lack of light, and that is a cheap trick I think. It's not because I can't see jack that it is scarier. The firsts RE were very bright and still quite scary.

RE7 is too close from the architecture/gameplay of the original Resident Evil. First the house with one set of monsters, then the old house with a different type of monsters closer to plants/nature and finally a ship that is a little bit like the underground lab. Well... okay.

Voice acting sucks. Big time.
The southern US accent is good, but the main characters are just not believable.
If I got burned alive, I would scream a bit more. Same when my hand is getting drilled by a chainsaw.
Same when I call "Ethan!" and I do not shout but merely say it liked I'm bored or something. I'm supposed to save my wife, there should be a little bit more emotion in there when some bald åss dude is dragging her around. Come on. Props to Jack though, his voice is great.

Finally, the game uses too much graphic violence instead of a more subtle, atmospheric, fear.
And that's cheap.

Still, my conclusion is that this RE7 is quite a good game and is worth it!
Make sure to try the demo to see if your rig is capable of running that game decently.
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