sup dawgs!
I used to be a young man on Steam.
I'm like an old dude now. Call me daddy.

Used to play CS 1.5.
Then I figured visual novels were awesome along with many other games.

I like:
● Visual Novels
    Ever 17 / Tsukihime / Fate/Stay Night / Hanachirasu / etc.
● Rythm games
    IIDX beatmania / Dance Dance Revolution / Osu!
● Zombie games
    Zombie Panic! / L4D
● Minecraft
Reading books at work (≡^ω^≡)
● An awesome dude called ᵀᵃᶜᵗᶦᶜᵃˡ fʳᵉᵃᵏ []
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NEOn00b Save Scavenger
I have created a save manager for the game NEO Scavenger . Because Ima n00b ass prick that dies too much. And also because the game doesn't auto save! So I was pissed and created this.
It only works for the Steam version, for now.

Check this out there [].
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43 Hours played
Great arcade flight game. Most people are comparing Project Wingman with Ace Combat.

But IMHO it’s closer to HAWX, with an AC style gameplay. The “assistant off” feature from HAWX is the “AOA limiter” in Project Wingman’s. But you get unlimited flares here, and you don’t have BS missions like protecting a dumb unit which is rushing to its death, or time limit crappy mission, or not enough ammo to kill the remaining 40 boogies. So, in the end, the gameplay in Project Wingman is closer to Ace Combat. With tons of ammunitions, tons of enemies, futuristic weapons, and aircrafts.
So don’t expect a DCS style simulation here.

... yes I know the creator himself says it’s inspired by Ace Combat, not HAWX. Well, the creator is wrong.
That is all :D

Game modes
There are two game modes. A campaign of 21 missions, where you get money, unlock stuff and follow a story. And a “Conquest” mode of 43 randomized missions with some new planes, new unlock system and being able to hire wingmen. Both modes have 4 different difficulty modes. And Conquest mode has some “mutator” to change some game aspects.
No multiplayer. Nope.

But there is a lot to do. I played more than what’s displayed here on Steam, as I uh…
I… I played the game at a “friend’s” first…
Anyway, then I transferred my saves here after buying the game. And I’m like halfway through the game and can’t get farther than mission 5 in Conquest mode. Damn. That’s about 20 hours for not even half of the game.

I started straight up with the “hard” difficulty (as the hardest difficulty must be unlocked) and yeah at first it was very easy. But from mission 5 or 6 I started to die. And to die more and more later. You have to upgrade plane as the AI is more and more aggressive.
The difficulty is more about managing dozens of boogies firing at you and evading. There are so many missiles that the chemtrails are obscuring the view my dude. No cap, it’s a 3D bullet hell. So sometimes you gotta get smart, avoid big groups, and use SAA missiles from afar, kitting these mofos.

Also, there's no checkpoint during a mission. There are some threads complaining about this. And I perfectly understand. Sometimes you just don't have time to finish a mission, or all of the sudden you reach a milestone in a mission and, suprise! here are 20 more tangos to shot down! Wow such difficult!

I think some checkpoints would be welcome. Just because it doesn't make the game harder to not have them, it just makes it more frustrating. But it's okay. One mission lasts like 20 minutes. It's not as long as HAWX. Even I can suck it up.

Head tracking
Head tracking is supported, but only with the FreeTrack protocol. If you have an actual real TrackIR device, that won’t work outta the box. You will need to use a GlovePIE script (check the forums) to convert the axes as FreeTrack compliant.

If like me you are a poor båstard and have a homemade IR headtracking then it’s actually better, as you can use OpenTrack to do the headtracking and output to FreeTrack without issues. Once you start to use head tracking… it’s insane. You can better look around and see a target circling. You can better lock on target as you can aim with your sight. I mean. Yeah! It feels great!

I like them, they are on par with Ace Combat 7. Tough to say which one is better. In PW when going through the clouds, it shakes and there are lovely water effects. Also, some mission happens during storms and it’s beautiful. I get confused sometimes between the dark sky and the dark sea and crash. Which never happen to me in Ace Combat. But when very high above the clouds AC is prettier, as in PW you can clearly see the cloud tiles, square shaped. Cites also are a bit more detailed in AC, and even HAWX. But seriously, PW is gorgeous. I’m not complaining.

Mostly the music in mission 5.
It almost made me bust my nuts. Multiple times. The great soundtrack and the nicely paced mission and head tracking and you are like… somewhere else. You forget everything. Your taxes, your children, work, sleeping… Why do coke lines at parties when there’s mission 5 in PW?

Aside from this, there is my new waifu: Prez, and her great lines. But you’ll see for yourself when you buy the game. Yes you will.

It’s kinda possible as there is a native system to override the .pak files. So just put some paks nearby and they get loaded on top of the game files. So modding is “supported” … buuuuut, no Steam workshop. Nope. Not at this time anyway.
Right now most mods are on Nexus. They are mostly custom skins, and unreleased planes and missions. It’s not ground breaking, but it’s there.

Buy this game. If you like AC or HAWX, you will like it.
Excellent game value. Dude, trust me.
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My Lovely Queen
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Turbo Dismount
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transphobic loser
RedShadow Dec 28, 2020 @ 1:26am 
Yes, I still remember the goat.
11/10, good times
Soviet Dec 21, 2020 @ 8:04pm 
Ate my firstborn, Sodomized my goat, Stole my foreskin and is patent 0 for covid
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RedShadow Sep 15, 2019 @ 12:08pm 
Well dude, count me in then! This week is pretty busy for me, but on next week end I should have the time to review what I can :csdsmile:
CaveHuman Sep 15, 2019 @ 12:01pm 
Wel I'm the dev of the game.I want to know what you think of it since you like two games I know that ressemble it. Also if i find enough people like you who knows maybe one of them will write a review or something. :steamhappy:
RedShadow Sep 15, 2019 @ 11:20am 
Partial Control looks like an interesting game indeed, but why free key?